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Funding For Good

Helping Nonprofit Organizations Grow for Good

Whether you have been in business for 25 years or just opened your doors, developing the ability to successfully grow will be a skill that changes with the times. Nonprofit Organizations must be flexible enough to accommodate new demands and desires from customers while also responding to the reality of current economic trends. At Funding For Good, we are helping Nonprofit Organizations grow by utilizing proven techniques for building capacity, securing funding and developing resources. As a result, we offer a variety of skill sets to organizations at all stages of development. Whether you need consultation, coaching, grant writing, research or development programming, Funding For Good can help your Nonprofit Grow for Good.  Those of you who are checking us out for the first time – Welcome! We look forward to working with you.

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Are you finding it impossible to accomplish everything on your to-do list in a day? Take advantage of our free 15-minute vision call to gain clarity and resources for your mission. One simple phone call could transform the way your organization grows!

Resources for Growth

How to Leverage Multiple Grant Donors for a Project

How to Leverage Multiple Grant Donors for a Project

Do you have a fantastic project design and grant narrative crafted but fear "putting all your eggs in one basket?" Relax! Simply consider ways to leverage multiple grant donors for the project. The good news is that grantors do not expect or want you to limit yourself...

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Grants in Action: What to Do After the Award Notification

Grants in Action: What to Do After the Award Notification

You researched, you wrote, and you submitted a stellar grant proposal. After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, you received an award notification stating, “Congratulations! Your proposal was selected for a grant award.” After the initial excitement of an award...

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Crafting a Stellar Vision and Mission Statement

Crafting a Stellar Vision and Mission Statement

 A nonprofit’s message is everything. What one says and how one says it can either open doors or burn bridges. Thus, crafting a stellar vision and mission statement is critical to any successful nonprofit. Nonprofits generate thousands of messages to connect with the...

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