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A Career In Development – 10 Things to Know

Successfully transitioning to a career in development includes a lot of skill-sets. There are a few things that have remained paramount to the success of those I work with in all realms of development. Knowing these 10 things, and learning to do them well, is a...

development coaching

Impact Data: Why Context Matters

Do you “know” that your organization makes a difference but struggle to share it in a clear, concise, and compelling way? If so, today’s quick dive into impact processing and reporting is for you! It's all about Impact Data and Why Context Matters. First things...

Impact Data

Nonprofit is a Tax Status Not a Business Model

Have you thought about starting a nonprofit? Are you a nonprofit founder? Do you work in a nonprofit currently, or have you in the past? Lots of folks ponder starting a nonprofit at some point. Many of these well-intentioned folks even think that running a...

tax status

Where to Find Grants

Knowing where to find grants takes practice. Grant research is one of the main components of grant writing and sticks out to me as difficult for many people, like learning a balance pose in yoga, especially for a novice grant writer. Much like balance poses, grant...

where to find grants

Best Ways to Show Appreciation to Donors

An attitude of gratitude. Do you share your thanks, show appreciation, and gratitude to your staff, donors, volunteers, and community partners? Do you have the time or even know where to begin? I know that I am appreciated by my family and my clients and those in...


Doable Donor Relations

I have had the pleasure of wearing many hats in my life. Some of the hats I’ve worn are volunteer, board member, development director, donor, coach, dog mom, business owner, daughter, sister, and wife.  Each of these roles comes with its’ own benefits and...

planning for donor relations