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Crafting a Stellar Vision and Mission Statement

 A nonprofit’s message is everything. What one says and how one says it can either open doors or burn bridges. Thus, crafting a stellar vision and mission statement is critical to any successful nonprofit. Nonprofits generate thousands of messages to connect with...

vision and mission statement

What to Include In Partnership Agreements

Partnership Agreements- we all know we should have them, but what should they include? If you are ready to revamp your existing partnership agreements or establish new collaborations, today’s blog is for you. The most successful partnership contains these five...

partnership agreements

How to Communicate with Foundations: Clarifying Questions

Are you researching foundation prospects for a program, project, or organization? Have you discovered questions that you can’t find an answer to on the foundation website, 990-PF, or another research platform? These are typically the questions that make for great calls to program officers and really help clarify if your organization is a good fit for their current priorities or upcoming grant cycle.

communicate with foundations

Pre-Program Design Sets Grant Writers Up for Success

Your grant writer can do everything else right: develop relationships with foundation officers, present comprehensive financial reports, craft a beautiful narrative to highlight your organization’s history and prior successes, check all the right boxes, but that isn’t enough to secure dollars.

pre-program design

Unsolicited Proposals and Pre-Selected Orgs

We get a lot of questions about how organizations could access private foundations that operate on a “by invitation only” funding model.  It is quite common for private/family foundations to pre-select organizations they are interested in supporting.

unsolicited proposals