by Mandy Pearce

Churches do qualify for grant funding!

I got some requests to provide additional information on grant research from readers of last week’s blog, Can You Balance an Egg?

The blog talked about how difficult grant research can be for anyone, but especially beginners. I gave lots of great tools and resources that will help get someone started with their research efforts.

Today I’d like to talk about churches and missions.

I get questions all the time from churches, pastors, congregation members, and leaders of religious based missions concerning grant funding. People usually want to know if they qualify to apply for grants, and most people in these fields don’t think they do. To their surprise and excitement I am able to tell them, that there are many grants out there for the very specific type of work that is their passion

There are many, many foundations that exist specifically to advance the mission of specific churches, denominations, religious beliefs, schools of theology, sabbaticals for clergy and faith-based nonprofits. This type of research is the same as all the rest, you just have to know where to look.

There are funds for building, renovation, education, programs, projects and community services that churches and missions provide.  One specific example is The Duke Endowment. One of their founding priority areas is Rural Methodist Churches.  That is a super specific type of funding that they provide in NC.

Don’t assume that you, your nonprofit, your passion or interest are things that can be funded via grants.  As with all grants, the need and the foundation priorities must to be a match before success can happen… but that is not an impossibility.

All grant research involves realistically determining your research criteria (your needs, your area of impact, your area of service, etc.) and searching for the foundations that want to support those specific things. Next, build a relationship with the foundation staff, ask questions, thoughtfully compose a quality proposal and submit in a timely manner.

Here are a few links to resources for beginners looking for foundations to support religious efforts:

Resource 1
Resource 2
Resource 3

Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on grant research and your experiences as a beginner, or when you first began. – Happy Researching!