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At Funding for Good we want to offer you Free Resources to allow you the opportunity to expand your knowledge… without going broke.

Please explore the resources below and let us know if you have questions.

YouTube Channel

Free video resources on a variety of grant fundraising topics


Getting to 100% Board Giving Strategies That Work

How to Grow Your Donor Base through Donor Relations & Cultivating Prospects Recording and Presentation.

Grant Component Templates

Grant Goals Spreadsheet Sample

Budget Template

Logic Model Sample #1

Grant Tracking Form

Grant Development Planner


Sample Project Support Letter for Grant Project

Donor Communication

Donor Communications

Board Resources

Board Engagement Checklist

Board Profile Matrix

Board of Directors Engagement Form

Board Job Description

Board Building Kit Checklist

Mission-vs-Vision Statement

Template for Board Application Form

Basic Roles & Responsibilities of Board Officers

Board of Directors Moves Management Tool

General Resources

Generic Business Thank You Letter for Support

Generic Individual Thank You Letter For Support

Generic Template for Memorandum of Agreement or Understanding

Generic Pledge Card

Sample Pledge Card

Sample Unrestricted Major Gifts Policy

Program Design: The Beginning

Sample Memorandum of Agreement or Understanding #1

Sample Memorandum of Agreement or Understanding #2

Sample Request Letter for Local Business

Quick Tips on Partnership Letters Agreements

Pre-Strategic Planning Checklist

Strategic Planning Checklist