Show Me the Money: Grant Research Masterclass Online | October 30


Are you wanting to apply for grant funds to help support your organization, but are having a hard time finding the grants?

This is the webinar for you!

This webinar is designed for to help you learn the details needed to begin research, to conduct successful grant research, and the skill set to help save you time in your searches so you can actually begin writing. We will cover the details needed before you can begin any research, management of research to make efficient use of your time, how to navigate organizational websites to locate funding opportunities, grant databases and other resources that fit your specific needs, as well as pitfalls to avoid that will save you time and cut down on frustration as you work to locate funders whose priorities match your needs.

We will also log in and do live grant research on Foundation Center and you can get a first hand look at the tools available to you with online databases. I’ll even show you how to find locations to use this resource for free. Join us and then spend a day looking around at grants for your organization using the skills you learn!