How To Fund Your Overhead Webinar | April 17

Presented by Mandy Pearce


This session will identify the building blocks of a strong budget and explain how nonprofits can easily raise the dollars needed to cover overhead costs. We will discuss how proper budgeting will propel grant proposals to success and how to use messaging to raise these much-needed funds. You’ll see how to accurately describe, budget, and properly package your programs and projects to effectively secure funds from diversified funding streams.

You’ll learn:

  • How to write a realistic budget for your organization, programs, and projects
  • The 3 items most budgets are missing
  • Steps to diversifying your funding streams
  • How to express needs to prospective donor in ways that will ignite their passion to support your work
  • The top 3 metrics you should analyze regularly from your budget

“Mandy Pearce’s “How to Fund Your Overhead” Webinar is not to be missed!  I attended a previous presentation and was so impressed that I immediately signed us up for her “Budgeting for Fundraising Success.” I’m still thanking my “lucky stars” that I now know about her offerings!”

Monique Wells, Founder and CEO, Wells International Foundation

“This webinar on how to raise general operating dollars was great! It really opened my eyes to a more accurate picture of our budget, and how that can be used to approach Foundations, as well as, individual donors for general operations funding for our organization. Thank you so much for making this available to us! It was extremely helpful. I would recommend this to anyone seeking new and innovative ways to raise money for your non-profit!”

Austin Pearce, Executive Director, Hickory Soup Kitchen