I have worked with countless organizations as a development specialist, coach, and consultant. My experience has afforded me opportunities which have taught me how: to locate resources for a variety of needs through diversified funding stream, devise unique strategies for creating effective fundraising plans, look outside the box to help build working boards, as well as efficiently research and write grant proposals to bring dollars to local communities.  Our ROI with clients ranges between 330% – 1120% and our rate of success with grant proposals is over 90%.  I feel privileged to have the skill set to now offer my services to others. Take a moment to read some feedback from clients.

“In the summer of 2017, I accepted an offer to be the Director of Development at a local nonprofit. I was excited about the job and the opportunity to serve the community but had absolutely no experience with fundraising, grants, or managing a donor base. Mandy was brought in to work with me and her experience and understanding of fundraising paid off immediately. Mandy is an incredible teacher and is passionate about helping others learn to build a sustainable, long-term donor base. I would recommend Funding for Good to any company who is looking to improve their development and fundraising results!”

– Jason Rogers, Director of Development, Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mandy Pearce to produce several educational webinars and blogs for Foundant’s community of grantseekers. Mandy has a wide breadth of knowledge and applicable experience which allows her to quickly assemble valuable insights, advice, and training materials that satisfy the needs of our audience of grant professionals. And above all else – she is so helpful and easy to work with. I would recommend Mandy and her Funding for Good Training options to anyone who is looking to build a successful grant practice for their organization.”

– Tammy Tilzey, Director of Grantseeker Products, Foundant Technologies

Jennifer Jones“As a Development professional who has served at the same non-profit for nearly ten years, I recognize the value of fresh perspective, the need to tweak my processes, and the benefits of individual coaching to continue to sharpen myself professionally. We hired Mandy to consult with us on our Development processes and plan. Her coaching helped us narrow our focus, set attainable goals, and develop a fresh strategy. I highly recommend Mandy as a Development Consultant and as a professional Development Coach. She is dependable, organized, a skilled strategic planner, a creative and analytical thinker, and her professional knowledge and experience is invaluable.”

– Jennifer Jones, Director of Development, Hickory Christian Academy

Cindy Rose (615x640)“I would like to recommend Amanda Pearce from Funding for Good, Inc. as a consultant, coach, and visionary strategic planner. Working with Mandy for two years has turned my fundraising skills around 360 degrees. I have learned so much about securing new donors and retaining donors from this amazing woman.  Mandy provides easy-to-use tools and a strong support system to help you grow.  During the two years I’ve worked with Mandy, I have exceeded my year-to-date goals.  You too can benefit from Mandy’s no-nonsense, practical, and easy to apply ideas, to mold and grow your organization.”

– Cindy Rose, Executive Director, Women’s Resource Center, Hickory, NC

Vicki Murray (640x620)“I became the Executive Director of Safe Harbor Rescue Mission in October of 2013 with absolutely no knowledge of grant writing or growing a development department. Mandy, with Funding For Good, Inc., was contracted to research and write grants for Safe Harbor in 2014, giving us a 192% increase in grant funding over the previous year. In 2015, I retained Mandy as a Development Coach. With Mandy’s coaching our revenue increased by 48% over 2014 and the knowledge I gained through her bi-weekly coaching was invaluable! I learned to cultivate relationships with Foundation program managers, city leaders, and potential donors. Mandy also helped me create a development plan, clean up our database and determine priorities. Because of the confidence, I gained through Mandy’s coaching; I weaned myself to one session per month in 2016 and our revenue increased another 33%! I highly recommend Mandy as a teacher and coach. She not only invests her knowledge, but she invests her heart and passion to create a better world..”

– Vicki Murray, Executive Director, Safe Harbor Rescue Mission

Amanda Pearce is an angel when it comes to supporting our non-profit, Second Chance Sheridan Cat Rescue. The organization struggled for a few years with volunteers attempting to write grants blindly. Funding for Good provided us with initial grant research and training to get us started through their program, The Writer’s Block. We continue to use all the great resources Amanda provides and send grants we write for her review. The service has been priceless, and we have received over $14,000 in grants the past year, with another four pending decisions from foundations. The ongoing contact with webinars, training, and Facebook through The Writer’s Block program provide support and motivation we needed as a small organization with limited resources.

– Kate Taylor, Second Chance Sheridan Cat Rescue

I discovered Mandy through her Webinar “How to Fund Your Overhead.”  I was so impressed by her presentation that I immediately signed us up for her Budgeting for Fundraising Success service. Thanks to her thorough review of our projected budget for the coming year, her insightful suggestions on how to improve it, and the numerous excellent grant opportunities she identified for us (some of which we’ve already applied for), we’re on our way to a successful year of fundraising in 2018!

Monique Y. Wells, Founder and CEO, Wells International Foundation

I’ve known Mandy for about a year. I’ve attended many of her classes and am a part of her Writer’s Block group. I have to say that I must have been paying attention or I like the simplicity in which Mandy explains processes. Over the past year I’ve written 17 grants, 6 that were new and received a total of $374,000. I attribute that to the great training and grant reviewing from Mandy.

Lori Delgado Anderson

I recently met Amanda during one of her Grant Writing Workshops. It was a fantastic two-day session. I have spent many years in community relations and have had considerable success with corporate partnerships and special event fundraising. But I’ve never taken two days off to attend a grant writing workshop. It was well worth my time; very practical and interactive. I’m not the kind of guy who likes to sit still for two days for anything, but Amanda leads her sessions in a way that is fun and engaging. I highly recommend Amanda’s grant writing workshop.

Brian Gott, Communications and Events, IKEA Group

I really liked taking the Funding for Good grant writing course taught by Amanda! She is very knowledgeable and presented her course in an enlightening way but also made it enjoyable! There were several professionals from different non-profit sectors and she provided information that was helpful to everyone–with thought-provoking instruction that was easy to remember (for any of us that were beginners or a little more advanced in the grant writing field as well). She is very down-to earth and friendly, with a wide variety of experiences that show her dedication and passion for what she does! I would definitely take another course with her again sometime!

Sarah Weisenburn, Operations Coordinator, Second Chance Pet Adoptions

I have just completed a two day workshop on grant writing and research led by Amanda Pearce. I can honestly say that it was one of the most informative and well planned workshops I have ever been a part of on any subject. She kept it interesting and moving and supplied me with an amazing amount of information. I highly recommend her and her teaching. She is well worth your time and money. Her wealth of knowledge is a product of a life invested in her subject area.

Billy Vaughn, Executive Director, Resurrection Housing Foundation, Inc.

I have worked with Amanda in a variety of capacities ranging from traditional fundraising, nonprofit capacity building and strategic planning, establishing and developing relationships with individual and institutional donors, and assisting nonprofits in identifying and securing grant funding. Amanda has a knack for connecting resources with good ideas and building connections across and among funders, nonprofits, and the public and corporate sectors. Amanda’s level of preparation and consistent follow through are top notch.

John Francis, Executive Director, Helping Hands Clinic

I attended a terrific workshop Amanda held in Cary, NC which provided the basic fundamentals of Grant Writing 101. Amanda is an excellent presenter, cuts right to the chase, and provides accurate, informative, and relevant information on how to get your grant writing up and running. It is obvious she is knowledgeable and a pro in her field of expertise. I highly recommend her workshop to anyone considering tackling the task of writing grants or wanting basic information on how to get started – well worth the time and money! Thanks Amanda!

Anne Bogen, Chief Development Officer, Holy Angels Foundation, Inc.

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Chiropractic Care

After writing (trying to) grants for almost two years I was getting frustrated and along come Amanda! I spent 2 days with her and was so upset with myself for not taking her program sooner. She was clear, concise, professional and erupting with specific information that I actually used the minute I got home each night for some grants that we were sending in this week. Sign up for her programs right now, don’t wait like I did.

Michael Schonfeld Business Owner

NC Health Information Exchange Authority

As someone very new to the grant-writing process, the Funding for Good Grant Writing Workshop was worth both my time and money (precious resources for today’s nonprofits). Amanda’s in-depth, been there done that tips and advice will save me a lot of time as I begin to research and write my first grant!

Christie Burris Executive Director

Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest

Amanda Pearce and Funding for Good really made the difference in our grant making acumen and strategy. With her guidance, Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest was able to secure a $99,988 grant award from Duke Energy. She gets results and makes tremendous impact, I strongly recommend her company.

Angela Woods Corporate Director