by Mandy Pearce

How can you possibly know the best way to thank donors?

Simple. Ask them. 

I am ‘that person’ most of the time. That person you ask an opinion of, and then you actually get it.  I have discovered over time that this is not usually the response people are wanting, but as I said, I am ‘that person’. If you ask me what I want, I will tell you. If you ask me what I think, I will certainly tell you.

In the case of what I would like as a donor, I’m not sure I’ve been asked very often.  Having worked in many nonprofits, large and small, I have never known too many discussions about what the donor might want or expect in exchange for their loyalty and contribution to an organization. It has happened, but truly, not that often.

Maybe your experience has been different and you work for a pretty progressive organization who is dedicated to donor retention and already understands the impact of great donor relations.  If that describes your situation… sweet!!!!  You are ahead of the game.

If that doesn’t describe your situation, check out this week’s vlog and maybe some of our thoughts will generate discussion, if not a culture change in a nonprofit or two.