by Mandy Pearce

In the working world, the needs of others and ‘putting out of fires’ often seem to take priority over the things we need to do in order to be successful at our jobs.

I remember this all too well from my time as a development director.

I remember thinking the meetings I was attending were not helping me accomplish my goals, and many times my presence there was not helpful or necessary.  I remember thinking how much more efficient I could be if people could be more considerate of my time and be prompt, return calls, think ahead, etc.

I’m one of those rare birds who doesn’t love meetings for the sake of meetings and I have little patience for them. If you are Type A like me, you probably understand this perfectly.

I like order. I like to have goals, create a plan to accomplish those goals and get to it as quickly as possible.  I’m also a self-motivator who needs to be left to the business at hand so I can mark things off my to-do list and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment.

Some people, believe it or not, are not wired like me.  Peculiar right?

Seriously, everyone has a method to their own madness and a way that motivates them, a process that works with their idiosyncrasies.  It might be that you haven’t found yours yet, or maybe you are very well versed in that method.

Either way, one thing we all need, is time.

How do you find that time to be successful at all the development tasks on your plate?

Check out the video I recorded this week (click the picture below) to hear one of the tools I use with clients to help them secure this time, and the process I use to ensure I also have the time to ‘get it all done’.

I hope you will find it helpful as you continue to grow for good.