Board Training | Wichita, KS

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Reaching for the Stars — Building a Dynamic Board and Volunteer Team

Date: May 14 & May 15


NOT your average BOARD TRAINING!

Ready to be inspired and refreshed?

Funding For Good, Inc. is excited to be partnering with Children First to bring Reaching for the Stars — Building a Dynamic Board and Volunteer Team to Wichita on May 14 & 15 with the support of the Kansas Volunteer Commission!

Mandy Pearce and Marie Palacios will lead a dynamic Community Board Training, beginning at 10 am and concluding at 5 pm.  Join other area non-profits and professional boards at the Evergreen Brach Library | 2601 N. Arkansas | Wichita, Kansas, for what promises to be an EXCITING & ENGAGING, continuing education opportunity!

Cost of the ticket includes all four session, materials, snacks and boxed lunch. Tickets are limited!

What we’ll cover:

Session 1 | Nonprofit Foundations – This workshop will outline the cornerstones of healthy nonprofit, walk through the strategic planning process and offer practical tips and tools for your budgeting processes. Participants will walk away with resources to ensure that their organization is in compliance with state/federal laws as well as a greater understanding of the key components of development that impact sustainability.

Session 2 | Creating an A-List Board – When you take a look at your board of directors what do you see? Worker bees exhausted from the daily grind of keeping the organization running? Are there simply warm bodies in seats? Perhaps there are seats left empty by big name people who never seem to find the time for meetings?

This interactive workshop will guide participants through conversations and exercises that clarify the roles and responsibilities of board members vs. those of staff. Because boards exist to govern an organization, this workshop will highlight key strategies for crafting/revising your organization’s mission and vision statement and outline the policies and procedures all boards should consider for reducing liability and increase productivity.

Participants will also walk away with a clear understanding of who “could” and “should” be on their board of directors as well as processes and procedures to ensure that board members are screened, equipped, and empowered to generate impact for your organization.

Session 3 |How to Fully Fund Your Overhead – This session will identify the building blocks of a strong budget and explain how nonprofits can easily raise the dollars needed to cover overhead costs. We will discuss how proper budgeting will propel grant proposals to success and how to use messaging to raise these much-needed funds. You’ll see how to accurately describe, budget, and properly package your programs and projects to effectively secure funds from diversified funding streams. These concepts need to be understood and utilized by both staff and board to create strong, sustainable organizations. The foundations of this session will pave the way for a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively raise dollars with board and staff as ambassadors for your organization.

Session 4 | Effective Fundraising with Your Board – Nonprofit organizations must continually look for new funding sources and ways to support their services and mission. This workshop reviews a board’s primary role in fundraising in the fundraising process, breaks down key strategies for successful campaigns, and outlines best practices for donor development.

This interactive workshop is fast-paced and actively engages every member of your team in messaging, key fundraising processes, and skills. Your board and staff will benefit from targeted fundraising strategies and will be challenged to put newly learned skills to use immediately so that your bank account starts filling up within 90 days!

May 14 & May 15 | Evergreen Brach Library | 2601 N. Arkansas | Wichita, Kansas

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