Building Dynamic Boards | 2-Day Bootcamp 2021


Are you tired of expecting more from your board than you get?

If you answered “YES!”, this is the event for you.

Funding For Good is excited to bring our virtual two-day Building Dynamic Boards Retreat to nonprofit organizations who seek to grow strategic leadership.

National nonprofit development experts, Marie Palacios and Mandy Pearce will lead a content-packed training for board members and executive staff who are seeking practical and proven tools to educate, engage and empower a board of directors.

This workshop is for you if you are a:

  1. New board member needing to understand the core legal and ethical roles/responsibilities that accompany your board leadership position.
  2. Seasoned board member seeking streamlined content to educate and engage your board.
  3. Executive Director looking for an introduction or review of what to expect from nonprofit board members (at the individual and collective level).
  4. Volunteer who is interacting with nonprofit leadership or considering a board position.
  5. Potential or current nonprofit founder actively working to build a strong and successful organization.


Our experts will deliver four interactive workshops during this two-day virtual boot camp; each
designed to create a solid foundation for growing a qualified, diverse, and productive board of directors.

We will clarify the legal and ethical roles of nonprofit board members and share tools and techniques for establishing realistic performance expectations. Once board and executive roles are clearly defined, we will share proven communication techniques that reduce conflict and increase team productivity. Next, we will highlight how to identify, recruit and engage ideal board members. Finally, we will show participants how to transform board members from all backgrounds into ambassadors who are capable of growing resources and the mission.

*Registration includes all session powerpoint presentations, worksheets, and a link to access the bootcamp recording (The recording link will be active through Dec. 31, 2021.)

What We'll Cover in this 2-Day Virtual Bootcamp

Session 1 | Building Board Expectations
Tagline: Foundations for a qualified and committed board.
Date/Time: September 14, 11AM – 12:15PM EST


Are you struggling to answer the question, “What should I expect from my nonprofit’s board of directors?” Is it time to bring order, excitement, and action back to the governing process?

During this interactive workshop, Funding for Good’s experts will explain the legal and ethical roles of the board of directors then dive into practical ways to equip and empower board members. Participants will gain actionable tips, tools, and templates to improve communication, increase productivity, and reduce liability within the organization.


  • Understand the legal and ethical roles & responsibilities of a nonprofit’s board of directors.
  • Create detailed job descriptions for the general board and officer roles.
  • Establish clear performance expectations for the board.
  • Track board engagement.
  • Learn how to hold board members accountable.


Session 2 | Where the Board Ends and the Staff Begins
Tagline: Building Bridges Through Effective Communication
Date/Time: September 14, 1PM – 2:15PM EST


Are you a new or emerging nonprofit leader working to create an effective and positive board/staff relationship? Do you struggle to keep the board and staff on the same page?

Are you excited about transitions happening within your organization and are ready to model positive leadership?

This interactive workshop will guide participants through conversations and exercises that clarify the roles and responsibilities of board members vs. those of staff. Our experts will also share effective strategies and take-home tools to unify leadership so nonprofit teams can resolve conflicts, plan strategically, and achieve goals.


  • Understand key differences between the board and Executive Director roles and responsibilities.
  • Identify strategies to improve communication between the board and staff.
  • Transition monthly meetings from “reporting” to “action” mode.
  • Establish systems to ensure timely action and accountability.


Session 3 | Building Resources with Your Board
Tagline: Creating a culture of roaring ambassadors and resource builders
Date/Time: September 15, 11AM – 12:15PM EST


Do 10% of your board members do 90% of the work? Is your board filled with “passionate” individuals who “are just not that effective?” Are you ready to fill empty board seats but want to make sure your new members have the tools they need to lead?

Our experts will share strategies nonprofits can adopt to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the board, identify ideal leadership prospects, and foster an action-driven mindset.

We will then offer clarity on the board’s role in resource development by addressing current trends, best practices, and common misconceptions. This session offers steps and tools any team can implement to raise the resources with confidence.


  • Understand why nonprofits report that nearly 67% of board members are inactive.
  • Learn how to determine who should be on on your board.
  • Adopt proven strategies for recruiting and engaging ideal board prospects.
  • Explore different ways to clarify and present current needs so your board can act quickly.
  • Develop prospecting strategies to leverage resources.
  • Discover “moves management” processes designed to increase fundraising skills and engagement across the board.


Session 4 | Crafting A Compelling “ASK”
Tagline:  How avoiding an ask can raises more dollars
Date/Time: September 15, 1PM – 2:15PM EST


Are you passionate about your mission but get overwhelmed at the thought of asking for money?  Do you struggle to craft a written appeal to local businesses, churches, or individuals in your community to request support? Are you preparing for an exciting campaign that will require “all hands on deck?”

During this session, our experts will guide participants through activities designed to shift the mindset around fundraising. We will explain what donors are looking for and how to capture their attention in two minutes or less. Finally, we will put “theory into practive” by giving walking through tools and templates that participants can take home and adapt with ease.


  • Understand the different types of “asks” in the nonprofit world.
  • Outline current charitable giving trends
  • Clarify organizational needs and prospects.
  • Understand what information donors want to know at first glance.
  • Craft and deliver a compelling 2-minute request for support .
  • Walk away with a sample 1-page request.
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