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Four Cornerstones of Nonprofit Board Governance

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November 2, 2022

Date Recorded


75 Minutes


January 31, 2023

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Wouldn’t it be great if each of your board members knew what they need to do and why? Board member job descriptions may vary from organization to organization, but core legal and ethical responsibilities do not.


Join Funding for Good as we explain what EVERY nonprofit board member needs to understand before they say “YES” to serving on a board.

During this 75-minute webinar, our experts will tackle frequently asked questions such as:

What is fair for us to expect from our board?
What does the government expect from our board?
What happens if we fail to hold board members accountable?


This webinar is for you if you are a:

  • New board member and seek to understand the core legal and ethical roles, responsibilities, and opportunities that accompany your position on your nonprofit’s governing body.
  • Seasoned board member who can use streamlined content to educate and engage your board.
  • Executive staff members need an introduction or review of what you should expect from your nonprofit board members at the individual and collective levels.
  • Volunteers who interact with a nonprofit board or are considering accepting an invitation to engage in a formal leadership role.
  • Potential or current nonprofit founders who are actively working to build a strong and successful organization.

What we’ll cover

  • What it means to be a fiduciary
  • The three fiduciary roles of board members
  • Core functions of (almost) every nonprofit board
  • Job descriptions for the board (template included)
  • Quick tips to keep the board active and accountable

Bonus Materials

  • A PDF of the presentation slides
  • Any additional handouts
  • Replay available


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