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Send us your draft grant proposal and Funding For Good staff will become your second set of eyes.



Send us your draft grant proposal and Funding For Good staff will become your second set of eyes. We will edit, revise, and make recommendations for improving your proposal and ensuring proposal elements are fully addressed. Proposal review is a cost-effective way for your organization to keep writing services in-house while maintaining a level of professionalism that grant experts can provide.

We can’t guarantee that your proposal will be selected for funding, but we can guarantee the highest quality proposal for consideration.

Please submit your proposal in a Word Document for editing purposes. Turnaround time is five business days. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to get to us, review our feedback, make changes and then submit your proposal.

This service is a part of our annual Writer’s Block Program at no additional cost. To learn more about The Writer’s Block, click HERE.

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Pets Alive


The Writer's Block been excellent! The latest proposal you reviewed for me was to get a grant for senior dogs (we're an animal shelter) medical expense for dental treatments. You've given me invaluable information; we did not get this grant last year so I'm trying again - and am now hopeful with your help, to get it. Sadly the same dogs are still here this year at our shelter - they're seniors and hard to place, so getting them dental treatments will hopefully be one less obstacle for people and increase their chances of adoption. You provided very honest and valuable feedback that will greatly improve my application. If anyone else here has the services but hasn't taken advantage of such, please do!!

Mary Ann Bopp - Development Director

Mission House


I've known Mandy for about a year. I've attended many of her classes and am a part of her Writer's Block group. I have to say that I must have been paying attention or I like the simplicity in which Mandy explains processes. Over the past year I've written 17 grants, 6 that were new and received a total of $374,000. I attribute that to the great training and grant reviewing from Mandy.

Lori Delgado Anderson - Executive Director

Saint Seton's Orphaned Animals


I must admit, I am burnt out. I am under a lot of pressure to raise funds for our organization. I write a lot of grants. When I saw the name of the "Writer's Block" group, I thought, "I can relate." It's been a pleasure to have a fresh pair of eyes to review my proposals. I am working with Marie to craft a template for a capital campaign to purchase a building. When she said she would write it, I wanted to hug her.

Jeanette Allard - Executive Director

Second Chance Sheridan Cat Rescue


Amanda Pearce is an angel when it comes to supporting our nonprofit, Second Chance Sheridan Cat Rescue. The organization struggled for a few years with volunteers attempting to write grants blindly. Funding for Good provided us with initial grant research and training to get us started through their program, The Writer's Block. We continue to use all the great resources Amanda provides and send grants we write for her review. The service has been priceless, and we have received over $14,000 in grants the past year, with another four pending decisions from foundations. The ongoing contact with webinars, training, and Facebook through The Writer's Block program provide support and motivation we needed as a small organization with limited resources.

Kate Taylor - Grants Coordinator


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