Grant Research Starter Package


Let us help you get the tedious and time-consuming task of grant research out of the way so you can focus on fulfilling your mission.

This service will expire 12 months from date of purchase.

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Don’t have a lot to spend on fundraising development, but want to dip a toe in the world of grants and start building capacity? This is the package for you!

Save tedious hours on research so you can optimize your time fulfilling your mission. Get well-suited grant prospects delivered straight to your inbox, complete with a calendar of due dates. Start with the prospects in your community that have aligned priorities to your needs.

In a perfect world, we would have a little time every day to work on donor relations, writing grants, and researching new funding opportunities. But the truth is, we are almost always dealing with the unplanned and unpredictable events that come up in the nonprofit world. We rarely get our to-do list completely checked off. Grant research is the most time-consuming part of the whole grant writing process. Too often it’s pushed aside or never gets started at all. For nonprofits new to grant research, the task can seem even more daunting.

Let our team find proposals that you can work on right away to get the ball rolling and simplify these steps in the grant process. You’ll get to submit some proposals right away and build your experience and confidence as you work to build your organization’s capacity.

Is this package a good fit for you?

This package is designed for new nonprofits who have not submitted grants in the past, as well as established organization who are just beginning to consider grant writing as a revenue stream.

This is NOT a package for organizations who are current or have been writing and winning grants.

*To get started, you must fill out the Research Questionnaire, and then we’ll take the next steps from there. Keep in mind, this service will expire 12 months from date of purchase. Please return your Research Questionnaire promptly.

What’s Included in the Grant Research Starter Package?

  • 4-6 well-matched prospects for your current needs
  • A PDF of each prospect with our detailed notes delivered electronically
  • A recorded review of each prospect delivered electronically for you and your team can revisit as often as needed
  • Custom questions to ask each particular prospect
  • A Grant Timeline Calendar based on the results we found – due dates, contact information, and application links all in one master document.
  • Delivered within 2-3 weeks of Research Questionnaire submission

How do we determine if a grant prospect is a good fit for you?

Our Grant Research questionnaire gives us all the answers we need (no phone call required!). Equipped with the detailed information you’ll hand over, we look for:

  • Giving amounts
  • Who they funded in the past
  • If they are a new prospect for your organization
  • Service area
  • Geographic focus and more!

Note: If you need research for a capital campaign, please schedule a call with Funding For Good prior to submitting your research questionnaire here.