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Strategic Planning – The Final Written Doc

Webinar Replay

Handouts Included

September 21, 2023

Date Recorded


90 Minutes


December 31, 2023

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Are you ready to draft a written strategic plan but wonder “How do we narrow down all these ideas into one document?”

This workshop helps business leaders understand the three questions every well-crafted strategic plan should answer.

Funding for Good’s experts will highlight essential components of a written strategic plan and share strategies to ensure that your end product is clear, concise, and compelling. We will explain how to organize the content in a way that educates and inspires readers.

Participants will learn how a well-designed “strategic planning retreat” contributes to a plan that captures the shared vision of your collective group without ignoring the innovative ideas of individual team members. This workshop is perfect for leaders seeking a wealth of tips, tools, and templates to convert strategic planning conversations and content into one LIVE written plan.


  • Learn the three questions every well crafted strategic plan should answer
  • Walk away with a content checklist for a written strategic plan
  • Clarify content order and formatting tips
  • Gain tips on how to facilitate strategic planning conversations in ways that make capturing the content in writing easier
  • Access a variety of free tools and templates to simplify the strategic planning drafting process