Schedule your VIP Day today and receive one-on-one catered services aimed at achieving your organization’s goals.

Growing a business is hard work! I didn’t know all the answers when I started out on my own, and I still don’t. But what I did learn very quickly was that a good coach, or coaching session was an invaluable tool to getting me on the right track, helping create my plan for success, and helping me move forward in a productive way.

On a VIP Day, you get one-on-one attention from me and my staff to tackle specific problems you’re facing in your organization. Each VIP session will be catered to your particular needs so we can help you achieve your goals and address concerns. We’ll help you identify areas where you can excel, create ways to grow, and help you get energized and inspired to grow for good!

Planning is a big part of any VIP Day. We will help you craft a plan to guide you where you need to be, and a map to get there!

Topics we can address in a VIP Day include:

  • Budget Deconstruction and Analysis
  • Developing a written fundraising plan for your nonprofit
  • Board Development (How to get your board fundraising, How to create an A-List Board, Board Education, and more!)
  • Grant Strategizing, Grant Research, Grant Calendaring, or setting up an effective grants department
  • Creation of grant templates for specific programs, projects, or organizations
  • Program Development (including realistic goals and objectives with measurement tools)
  • Time Management Solutions
  • Determining current metrics and how to measure them for reporting on an ongoing basis

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 VIP Day Hallelujahs

“I would like to recommend Amanda Pearce from Funding for Good, Inc. as a consultant, coach, and visionary strategic planner. Working with “Mandy” for two years has turned my fundraising skills around 360 degrees. I have learned so much about securing new donors and retaining donors from this amazing woman.  Mandy provides easy to use tools and a strong support system to help you grow.  During the two years, I’ve worked with Mandy, I have exceeded my year-to-date goals.  You too can benefit from Mandy’s no-nonsense, practical, and easy to apply ideas, to mold and grow your organization.” – Cindy Rose, Executive Director, Women’s Resource Center, Hickory, NC


“Mandy is a fantastic resource for all non-profits! After taking a few of her local classes, reading her blog posts and watching some webinars I knew I was ready for a deep dive into grant writing, development planning, and board development. I hired Mandy as a consultant for her VIP Day package and know the investment of time and money were both WELL spent! Her expertise is incredible, she is professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her services if you are feeling overwhelmed, want to better understand development tactics, or are ready to take your organization to the next level.” – Amy Spear, Event Coordinator, Girls on the Run of the Greater Piedmont



Grant Research

As non-profit staff, time is a commodity that gets stretched way too thin for most of us.

Ideally we would have time every day to work on donor relations, special events, reports, spending quality time in our programs or projects, writing grants and researching new funding opportunities. Unfortunately, the truth is, we are almost always putting out fires, dealing with the unplanned and unpredictable events that come up in the non-profit world and rarely getting our to-do list completely checked off. Even with the best intentions and well laid out plans, we don’t usually get to everything.

When it comes to grant writing, I often hear that it doesn’t get priority over other responsibilities in a development department or small shop that wears many hats. Coming from many small offices over the years, I understand that concept all too well. This is why, as a private consultant, I offer grant research for non-profits. I can provide research for a particular program, project or organization in just a few weeks’ time. The hours of research saved are invaluable.

Imagine sitting down with a thumb drive full of potential donors and simply having to contact them, begin building relationships and putting together LOIs and applications. How nice would that be? The time saved and ability to jump in feet first will save hours of research and frustration.

What you’ll get:

  • Contact information (websites, phones, email, names of program staff)
  • Access to foundation 990s
  • Upcoming deadlines and how to access applications
  • Priority areas of focus that align with your current needs
  • Any restrictions (budget ranges, amounts they fund, geographic areas of focus, restrictions for funding, etc.)
  • Suggested grant request amounts based on giving history

Funding For Good, Inc. takes a limited number of research clients monthly. If you are interested in finding dollars to help support your non-profit this month, sign up today.



Grant Proposal Review

Foundation Proposals $150 | State and Federal Proposals $400

Send us your draft grant proposal (in a Word document) and Funding For Good staff will become your second set of eyes. We will edit, revise, and make recommendations for improving your proposal and ensuring proposal elements are fully addressed. Proposal review is a cost-effective way for your organization to keep writing services in-house while maintaining a level of professionalism that grant experts can provide.

We can’t guarantee that your proposal will be selected for funding, but we can guarantee the highest quality proposal for consideration.

Please submit your proposal in a Word Document for editing purposes. Turnaround time is five business days. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to get to us, review our feedback, make changes and then submit your proposal.

This service is a part of our annual Writer’s Block Program at no additional cost. To learn more about The Writer’s Block, click HERE.

For questions please contact



Budgeting for Fundraising Success

Spend more time on your mission while decreasing crisis fundraising and stress.

Here at Funding For Good we understand the challenges facing many nonprofit organizations and realize how important establishing quality foundations can be in maintaining and growing income and services. The services you provide fill many needs in your community and you want to know they will be around for years to come.

Whether you are new to financial development, taking on program or project budgeting for the first time, or just stepping in to the world of fundraising, there is a lot to take in!

Without first knowing the foundations of developing a budget you can use to help raise money, it will be difficult to successfully diversify your funding streams and increase the number of donors supporting your work.

You need to establish budgets that will provide sustainable revenue for your programs/projects so you can get to the business of serving those in need.

What if you could serve more and crisis fundraise less?

Would you be less stressed? Would you be able to grow your organization?

In this two-hour session we will:

  • Review your current budget and identify any missing line items
  • Generate an accurate and realistic budget that will serve as a major fundraising tool
  • Focus on three major components often left out of the budgeting process (volunteers, in-kind goods and in-kind services)
  • Firm up your 2018 budget
  • Create a message from your numbers to show your impact and secure more dollars

Are you ready get to the next step in fundraising, so you can stress less and raise more money! If so, this is the session for you!