by Mandy Pearce

Is there one thing you can think of that could happen at any given time, and ruin your whole day?

I know when I go to a favorite restaurant and they are out of my favorite ‘thing’, whatever that may be, it immediatley makes me cringe.  Eesh! Or when I need something and I run out to the one place I know that has it, and they are closed. You get the picture.

These things may not ruin my whole day, every time, but there are those things that happen, that for whatever reason, stick with me the entire day. Even when I try to rationalize with myself that I shouldn’t let it bother me, the thought creeps back into my head over and over and I can’t stop focusing on it. 

What is that THING for you?

Here are some of my thoughts on that thing that ruins your day.

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