by Mandy Pearce

I received a great question from someone this week on our new Facebook Group page and thought it would be a perfect topic to share in our weekly newsletter.

Here is the exact question:

Perhaps you could discuss how to approach foundations that do not offer specific funding guides or ones that indicate “foundation only makes contributions to pre-selected charitable organizations and does not accept unsolicited requests for funds” on 990’s.
Background: Our local foundations are established family foundations and may make excellent partners for us. I am working on letters of inquiry to send & researching the members of the boards to see if we know individuals we can contact as well. I would love your insights & suggestions for professional ways to contact and how to phrase letters to let them know we are here in the community, help establish possible partnerships and eventually be one their selected organizations.”

I took time later that day to record a vlog in response and you can watch the video below by clicking the picture. I hope this helps as you do your own research and learn how to make initial approaches to these types of foundations.If you have questions you would like us to address in a blog or vlog, please email us at or post a comment on our Facebook Group page and we will do our best to reply.