Board Solutions

Building an educated, efficient, and empowered Board of Directors can be tricky! Our experts facilitate customized board solutions for organizations of every shape and size. Check out the many ways we can help you grow your board!

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Does your Board of Directors have a lot on its plate but is not quite sure where to begin?

Whether you need help planning for the future, overcoming current obstacles, or resolving internal conflicts, Funding for Good can customize board training and leadership coaching services to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Choose from some of our most popular Board Solutions topics or let us help you customize a retreat for your organization.

Board retreats offer the perfect vehicle to educate, engage, and equip your entire board of directors in relatively short window of time.

The Coaching for Executive Leaders program provides personalized support and strategy sessions to increase effective communication and between the key staff and board members and ensure that systems are in place to grow the organization’s mission.

Board Retreats

will benefit your organization if you are…

  • The founding board of directors
  • The established board that has never had formal training on non-profit roles and responsibilities.
  • Preparing for a transition and need guidance on best ways to proceed
  • Hiring or recently hired a new ED
  • Preparing to renew or create a strategic plan
  • Want to motivate and equip the board to participate in fundraising
  • Ready to “structure your organization for success” by creating/renewing policies that protect
  • Need help with leadership and succession planning

Executive Coaching

is the best option if…

  • You have a new ED or Board Chair
  • The current ED and Chair have limited or no formal non-profit leadership experience
  • Current leadership has experience but limited formal training/education in non-profit management
  • Conflict resolution is needed between the ED and Board Chair
  • Ongoing professional support is needed to accomplish your individual goals
  • If you are preparing for a transition in leadership
  • Seek tools for continued board development


Put our experts to work for YOU during a customized VIP Day!

These work sessions are more than a traditional consultation. We actually roll up our sleeves and help your team tackle the most important tasks on your plate.  Each VIP session includes an initial planning calls, focused work session, and follow-up from Funding for Good’s pros. This is the perfect solution for organization’s that need a little (or a lot!) of extra energy and support to grow your organization for good!

Mandy is fantastic resource for all non-profits! After taking a few of her local classes, reading her blog posts and watching some webinars I knew I was ready for a deep dive into grant writing, development planning and board development. I hired Mandy as a consultant for her VIP Day package and know the investment of time and money were both WELL spent! Her expertise is incredible as she is professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her services if you are feeling overwhelmed, want to better understand development tactics, or are ready to take your organization to the next level.

Amy Spear

Event Coordinator, Girls on the Run of the Greater Piedmont

Our Top 5 Board Solutions Retreat Topics:

1. Board Roles & Responsibilities
Does your board function as a managing or governing entity? Does your board actively work along staff or passively wait for staff to report back to them? The most ineffective boards are ones that do not understand their roles and responsibilities to the organization.

This workshop will clarify the roles of board members versus those of staff. Participants will learn skills and systems they need to transition from an inactive or a managing board to an efficient governing body.

2. Building your “A-list” Board
When you look at your board of directors what do you see? Worker bees exhausted from the daily grind of keeping the organization running?

Are there simply warm bodies in seats? Perhaps there are seats left empty by big name people who never seem to find the time for meetings?

This workshop evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your board. Participants will gain a clear understanding of who “could” and “should” be on their board of directors as well as processes and procedures to ensure that board members are screened, equipped, and empowered to generate impact for your organization.

3. Strategic Planning 101
Does your organization have a strategic plan or specific project/program goals? A board retreat is the perfect time to provide updates to the board and share how your organization is creating impact.

FFG will work with staff to ensure they can share highlights in the areas of programming, resource development, and lives changed. It is important to celebrate successes and recognize areas for continued development so that the organization has benchmarks for the upcoming year.

This workshop will provide participants with a safe place to share concerns and ideas about specific programs and/or the organization as a whole. Each agenda item will be listed along with potential courses of action so that the organization can prioritize and respond.

4. Structuring for Success
This retreat focuses on building a solid foundation to protect your organization’s mission, staff, and clients. It is impossible to effectively “brand” your organization, establish operating norms, and even plan for the future if you don’t know “Who you are and where you want to go.” Allow a neutral expert to facilitate a visioning session designed to fully engage your board.

Work sessions focus on crafting/modifying mission and vision statement, identifying evaluating current policies, procedures, financial literacy, and leadership and establishing an action plan to structure for success.

5. Jump Start to Board Fundraising
This interactive retreat is not for the faint of heart and actively engages every member of your team in messaging, key fundraising processes, and skills! Your board and staff will benefit from targeted fundraising strategies and will be challenged to put newly learned skills to use immediately so that your bank account starts filling up within 90 days!