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Budgeting For Fundraising Success

Here at Funding For Good we understand the challenges facing many nonprofit organizations and realize how important establishing quality foundations can be in maintaining and growing income and services. The services you provide fill many needs in your community and you want to know they will be around for years to come.

Whether you are new to financial development, taking on program or project budgeting for the first time, or just stepping in to the world of fundraising, there is a lot to take in!

Without first knowing the foundations of developing a budget you can use to help raise money, it will be difficult to successfully diversify your funding streams and increase the number of donors supporting your work.

You need to establish budgets that will provide sustainable revenue for your programs/projects so you can get to the business of serving those in need.

What if you could serve more and crisis fundraise less?

Would you be less stressed? Would you be able to grow your organization?

In this two-hour session we will:

  • Review your current budget and identify any missing line items
  • Generate an accurate and realistic budget that will serve as a major fundraising tool
  • Focus on three major components often left out of the budgeting process (volunteers, in-kind goods and in-kind services)
  • Firm up your 2018 budget
  • Create a message from your numbers to show your impact and secure more dollars

Are you ready get to the next step in fundraising, so you can stress less and raise more money?  If so, this is the session for you!