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Why settle for a mediocre ask when you can submit a winning proposal? Whether you are a novice or seasoned grant writer, our team can help you master the grant-writing process.

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We understand the struggle between time and money

Ideally we would have time every day to work on donor relations, special events, reports, spending quality time in our programs or projects, writing grants and researching new funding opportunities. Unfortunately, the truth is, we are putting out fires, dealing with the unplanned and unpredictable events that come up in the non-profit world and rarely getting our to-do list completely checked off. Even with the best intentions and well laid out plans, we don’t usually get to everything.

When it comes to grant writing, I often hear it doesn’t get priority over other responsibilities in a development department or small shop that wears many hats. Coming from many small offices over the years, I understand that concept all too well.

I’ve known Mandy for about a year. I’ve attended many of her classes and am a part of her Writer’s Block group. I have to say that I must have been paying attention or I like the simplicity in which Mandy explains processes. Over the past year I’ve written 17 grants, 6 that were new and received a total of $374,000. I attribute that to the great training and grant reviewing from Mandy.

Lori Anderson

Executive Director, Mission House Inc.

I must admit, I am burnt out. I am under a lot of pressure to raise funds for our organization. I write a lot of grants. When I saw the name of the “Writer’s Block” group, I thought, “I can relate.” It’s been a pleasure to have a fresh pair of eyes to review my proposals. I am working with Marie to craft a template for a capital campaign to purchase a building. When she said she would write it, I wanted to hug her.

J. Allard

Retired Executive Director, Saint Seton's Orphaned Animals

The Writers Block Program

A place to go to convert your non-profit needs into competitive grant proposals through education, wordsmithing, networking and constructive feedback.

Anxious to learn more about grant writing, get feedback on foundations and potential donors, attend educational webinars, build an online support network and have your proposals reviewed by a professional? This is the program for you!

Amanda Pearce and Funding for Good really made the difference in our grant making acumen and strategy. With her guidance, Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest was able to secure a $99,988 grant award from Duke Energy. She gets results and makes tremendous impact, I strongly recommend her company.

Angela Woods

Corporate Director, Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest

Grant Services Available

Grant Research

If you are interested in finding dollars to help support your nonprofit this month, you can sign up today. Research turnaround time is 2-3 weeks and typically results in 10-12 great prospects per Grant Research Session.

Click here for Grant Research Services

Project Design

A well-executed program design is the most important component of a competitive grant proposal. Our experts walk you through the program design process from A-Z to ensure you have addressed key questions, budgeting, and program impact goals. Not only will a well-designed program help raise dollars more easily, but will help you build a resource to leverage diverse community partnerships and enhance capacity building opportunities and community impact.

Project design services will involve completion of a needs assessment, a one-page program/project abstract, and comprehensive program/project description that will guide messaging, marketing and fundraising for your cause. This not template creation, but is an essential first step to the template creation process.

*Pricing varies by project and results of a grant readiness assessment. Click here to request your assessment call and start the process.

Proposal/Document Reviews

Send us your draft grant proposals and Funding For Good staff will become your second set of eyes. We will edit, revise, and make recommendations for improving your proposal and ensuring proposal elements are fully addressed. Proposal review is a cost-effective way for your organization to keep writing services in-house while maintaining a level of professionalism that grant experts can provide.

Funding For Good will also review documents such as one-page requests, organizational documents, press releases, letters of inquiry, etc. Please choose the ‘foundation review’ rate for these documents.

Click here to learn more about our Proposal/Document Reviews services.

This service is a part of our annual Writer’s Block Program at no additional cost. To learn more about The Writer’s Block, click HERE.

Template Creation

Save time and money by working with the pros at Funding For Good to craft a grant template customized to your program, project or organization. Templates will ensure that you are prepared to submit quality proposals. The basic elements of most grant applications are incorporated into each final product.

This service is perfect for organizations who would like to hire a professional grant writer but want to avoid the hefty fees associated with individual grants. Not only do we walk you through the process so you gain valuable skills in grant writing, but you also walk away with a product that you can use for numerous submissions. This is not project design, rather a word-smithed final product to be used for competitive proposals once a completed project design has been established.

*Pricing varies by project and results of a grant readiness assessment. Click here to request your assessment call and start the process.

Grant Research

Let us simplify your life.

When it comes to grant writing, I often hear that it doesn’t get priority over other responsibilities in a development department or small shop that wears many hats. Coming from many small offices over the years, I understand that concept all too well. This is why we offer grant research for non-profits.

Imagine sitting down with a thumb drive full of potential donors and simply having to contact them, begin building relationships and putting together LOIs and applications.

Not Sure What You Need?

While a consultation with your local dentist might not be at the top of your list…we can promise that a consultation with Funding for Good is a painless and productive experience! Our pros make the most of every minute and work with your team to evaluate your organization’s needs, explore opportunities, and outline the ways that Funding for Good can help you achieve goals!

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