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Stop wishing and start doing! Our coaching programs offer the perfect balance of expertise and accountability so that you can reach all your development goals.

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Development Coaching with Funding for Good


Development Coaching is for any nonprofit Executive Director or Development Director looking to take their skills to the next level. Are you ready to get your ideas off paper and put them into practice?

If you are like most nonprofit staff, you are surrounded by great ideas and suggestions from well-intentioned supporters. As your development coach, I will be there to evaluate opportunities, block out the noise and focus your energies where they matter the most. The result is a Custom Coaching program designed to make the most of your time to accomplish goals.

I provide Custom Development Coaching programs for people new to their position as well as Directors with years of experience. My communication style is direct and prompt. I am not the coach that beats around the bush or shies away from constructive feedback. I will work closely with you and your team to ensure the highest quality work product for you and your organization. Ultimately, my desire is to see you exceed goals and grow your development skills.

Custom Development Coaching designed with your specific needs in mind

• Provide personalized support and strategy for your Executive Director or Development Director.
• Create a realistic and relevant development plan to fully fund your organization.
• Develop techniques to grow diversified fundraising streams through best practices.
• Maximize your time and energy to achieve upcoming goals.
• Work to deepen relationships to cultivate intense donor loyalty
• Design and implement tools to track goals/objectives as they relate to organizational financial development.

A Custom Development Coaching program is right if you are…

  • An Executive Director that is also responsible for raising resources
  • Hiring your first development staff as an Executive Director and need help creating job descriptions, interviewing, establishing a work plan and evaluation criteria for this staff
  • A new Development Director looking for guidance and practical skills
  • Looking to diversify your funding streams in new ways
  • Tackling new strategies such as direct mail, capital campaign planning, annual campaign, event planning, endowments, etc.

Funding for Good is hands-down a value adding service. I have worked with Mandy and Marie both as part of a team and individually; in each arena, they listened to our needs and goals, and created a strategy tailored just for us. Nothing was prepackaged content. Not only have I gained practical know-how to run more successful development campaigns, I have also learned to think more strategically about our organization’s long-term goals for growth. We are leading with mission, we are strengthening our donor relationships, and we are exceeding our fundraising goals as a result. More than anything, Funding for Good is invested in our mission, and it comes across in all they do. It is so rewarding to partner with a team that believes in your work as much as you do, and is truly passionate about increasing your impact for the people you serve.

Jenna Ross

Habitat for Humanity of Catawba Valley, Florida TaxWatch Research Institute

Find Your Next Development Director

A focused service to help you build the right team so you can make a greater impact.

If there’s one thing that can be universally agreed upon, it’s that raising money is hard. You need a solid development plan & team.

With this custom-to-you service, we’ll help you:

  • Understand what you’re looking for & write a clear job description
  • Develop interview questions & even sit on the interview panel if needed
  • Create a 30/60/90 day work plan so your next development director can hit the ground running on day one.

Hire (the right) Development Director

As an executive of a nonprofit, I know that fundraising is vital to our organization, but it is not something that I have a background in doing – I am an economist and attorney by training. When I took a grant writing class with Mandy, I could see how much she really knew about the world of fundraising. It was obvious how much she could help me navigate problems in building the fundraising capacity of my organization.

With a short-term contract, she helped me create the right job description to attract an experienced fundraiser. She helped me put the announcement in the right places, review the numerous applications I received (and set up the whole interview process), and ultimately find the right person to serve as the new VP of Development. During all of that work, she also helped me draft a fundraising plan (for the new person to implement), provided fundraising training and processes for me and other staff, and still identified grant opportunities and shepherded me through the process of applying.

As an organization that focuses on efficiency and measuring return on investment, I am confident in saying that contracting with Funding for Good has had a great ROI for me and the organization.

Robert Weissert

Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Florida TaxWatch Research Institute

Sometimes when your nonprofit dreams seem crushed, you’re looking for a kind word of encouragement.  Other times maybe you need a smack in the face with a reality check. Funding For Good’s Miss Mandy (bad cop) and Miss Marie (good cop) can deliver both. I recently attended a VIP training that afforded third party confirmation that our Nonprofit had to make some serious changes to survive. Mandy and Marie are serious about helping Nonprofits thrive. They will roll out the hard truth people need to hear and then show them a clearly definable roadway to success. We were also provided charts for pre & strategic planning, resource checklists, and goal setting exercises.

If your Nonprofit is struggling, you are probably too close to the problem to see the solution. Funding For Good was the third party perspective that could save our Nonprofit dreams.

Ryan Schilleman

Sheridan Wyoming


Put our experts to work for YOU during a customized VIP Day!

These work sessions are more than a traditional consultation. We actually roll up our sleeves and help your team tackle the most important tasks on your plate.  Each VIP session includes an initial planning calls, focused work session, and follow-up from Funding for Good’s pros. This is the perfect solution for organization’s that need a little (or a lot!) of extra energy and support to grow your organization for good!

Funding for Good has been a valued partner in development hiring, grant writing and strategic planning. Most recently, we engaged Funding for Good’s Development Director hiring service. Funding for Good assisted us with role definition and job description, with candidate recruitment and through the various stages of interview cycles. Funding for Good provided us with templates for candidate communications, and facilitated the interviews providing resume summarizations and targeted questions. Expectations were clearly defined at the beginning of the process, and all deliverables achieved meeting or exceeding the expected quality standards and focus on our specific nonprofit’s needs.

Funding for Good provides actionable, high-quality services with a high return on investment.

Ana Yelen

Healing Warriors Program

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to help move our organization to the next level, I made the decision to invest in a one-on-one VIP Day with Mandy. I am so glad I did! She researched grants, evaluated our current fundraising plan and operating budget, helped me set realistic priorities, and generated ideas to grow and retain donors. I am already seeing results. But my biggest take away was the confidence I gained through her coaching. I now feel like I have the knowledge, tools, and resources I need to move forward. Mandy’s passion for helping nonprofits is contagious. I would encourage anyone looking to develop their fundraising skills and gain confidence to reach new heights to spend a day with Mandy.

Christy Frey

I became the Executive Director of Safe Harbor Rescue Mission in October of 2013 with absolutely no knowledge of grant writing or growing a development department. Mandy, with Funding For Good, Inc., was contracted to research and write grants for Safe Harbor in 2014, giving us a 192% increase in grant funding over the previous year. In 2015, I retained Mandy as a Development Coach. With Mandy’s coaching our revenue increased by 48% over 2014 and the knowledge I gained through her bi-weekly coaching was invaluable! I learned to cultivate relationships with Foundation program managers, city leaders, and potential donors. Mandy also helped me create a development plan, clean up our database and determine priorities. Because of the confidence I gained through Mandy’s coaching, I weaned myself to one session per month in 2016 and our revenue increased another 33%! I highly recommend Mandy as a teacher and coach. She not only invests her knowledge, but she invests her heart and passion to create a better world.

Vicki Murray

Executive Director, Safe Harbor Rescue Mission

Not Sure What You Need?

While a consultation with your local dentist might not be at the top of your list…we can promise that a consultation with Funding for Good is a painless and productive experience! Our pros make the most of every minute and work with your team to evaluate your organization’s needs, explore opportunities, and outline the ways that Funding for Good can help you achieve goals!

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