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Program Design Template

A clear and compelling program design is critical to ensuring the quality and sustainability of programs.

This service is for you if any one of the following is true:

  1. You are currently operating a program but do not have a comprehensive description of the program purpose, target audience, goals, evaluation measures, budget, and sustainability plan.
  2. You have an idea for a program but need to convert it into a written proposal to begin leveraging support.
  3. Your program has “morphed” over the years and it is time to evaluate and prioritize services and goals.
  4. You want to submit quality grant proposals but are cutting and pasting from old grants instead of one current and comprehensive source document.

Questions About Our Template Creation Services?

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Base Rate $1,500

The Program Design process is not “just a writing service.” It is a collaborative planning and writing process that results in an easy-to-use template your team can update as your program evolves.

We work with you to craft a comprehensive program design template that includes the following key components:

  1. Program Purpose
  2. Statement of Need
  3. Program Design/Description
    1. Target Audience
    2. Planning, Delivery, and Follow-up
    3. Capacity
  4. Goals and Objectives
  5. Evaluation Measures
  6. Budget Overview/Narrative

Grant Templates

Congratulations! You already have a well-crafted program design and are ready to leverage grant dollars. We can help create a narrative you can cut and paste with minimal editing into most foundation grant narratives.
This service is for you if any one of the following is true:

  1. You already have a program design and are ready to convert it into a competitive grant proposal.
  2. You need to pack a bigger punch in existing grant narratives because your proposals are consistently not getting funded.
  3. You are not quite sure what donors are looking for in specific proposal sections such as Executive Summaries, Needs Statement, Sustainability Plan and more.
  4. You know all the “answers” but struggle with the actual grant WRITING process.
We will help craft a stellar grant narrative that includes the following 10 most requested grant proposal elements:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. History of the Organization
  3. Program Purpose
  4. Needs Assessment/Statement of Need
  5. Program Design/Description
    1. Target Audience
    2. Planning, Delivery, and Follow-up
    3. Capacity
  6. Goals and Objectives
  7. Evaluation Measures
  8. History of Success
  9. Sustainability Plan
  10. Budget

*While we do not craft your budget or budget narrative since that should have been completed in the program design process- we do provide easy to use budget templates and are happy to review and provide feedback.

After writing over a dozen grants myself this year, our nonprofit organization did engage with FUNDING FOR GOOD in their template creation package. The amount of money saved AND INVESTED back into our organization was phenomenal! Having spent over 150 hours of admin wages to write grants the small investment for a grant template has not only saved our organization payroll hours, but has also highly increased the likelihood of grant acceptance. They were able to articulate for me better and more precise, than what I had been trying to say myself. GREAT RETURN ON INVESTMENT!

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How Template Creation Services Work

Basic Multiple Program Budget Template

We facilitate a process that includes:

  • Pre-Design– We will with you to review existing program design or grant templates
  • Teamwork! – We will ask strategic questions and expect you/your team to consider all your options and define how you want your program to operate.
  • Design- We will take all your pre-existing information AND the work we have done together and craft it into one, comprehensive template
  • Final Review- We will schedule a call to review your template and share our best tips for how and when you should be updating this “LIVE” document.

For most clients, we recommend you set aside time over the period of four-weeks to tackle the strategic program design questions we will be posing. This four-week time frame allows us to brainstorm, follow-up with team members about “specific goals/outcomes”, outline key budget line items, reach out to key partners,  and of course craft and edit your template narratives.

The great news?

This is a LIVE document! This means, that your customized template includes “clear captions, space-savers and helpful hints/verbiage” just in case your team cannot finalize every tiny detail of the program design or grant narrative during the contract period.

How to Get Started

Step One: Discovery Call

  • Once you have booked this service, we hop on a 20-minute call to get the ball rolling! This is when we discuss pre-design homework, timelines, and expectations!

Step Two: Pre-Design Sessions

  • We send customized homework that helps us to determine what key program/grant elements already exist and what gaps need to be addressed.
  • You submit the best existing “descriptions” of your program, so we have a starting point for the template. (Documents might include prior grant proposals, a brochure, an e-mail campaign, or text from your website describing your program.
  • We create a simple checklist of things your team will want/need to consider as we move forward.

Step Three: Design Time

  • We work virtually (calls/emails) to tackle key questions
  • We craft a template and submit it for review/edits

Step Four: Final Review

  • Each template creation process includes two edits: 1) an initial review and 2) a final review after requested edits have been completed.

Not sure which service fits your needs?

Let’s schedule a 15-minute vision call to find out which service is right for you.

Base Rate $1,500