What 100% Board Giving Really Means   Recently updated !

by Marie Palacios How many of you can honestly say that 100% of your board members give their time, talent, and treasure to your organization? If you answered “YES” to the above question, then kudos to you! Most non-profits begin hemming and hawing when asked if EVERY SINGLE ONE of their […]

How to Get Your Overhead Funded

Guest blog by my friend and Chief Encouragement Officer of Get Fully Funded, Sandy Rees Overhead. Ugh. It’s the hardest thing to raise money for, right? No one wants to pay for salaries. Or to keep the lights on in your building. Or for the dozen or so other items that must be […]

Five Powerful Minutes

by Brian Gott Say you have a big event next year and you want to start prospecting for new sponsors (and in fundraising, who doesn’t)? Many sponsorship seekers – and I’ve experienced this first hand – will put together a list of companies/contacts they’d like to recruit, put together a […]

What To Do When You Don’t Feel Comforable with an ‘Ask’

by Marie Palacios Many times, I sit around board tables with non-profit board members and staff as they deliberate about their fundraising woes. Everyone in the room is usually quite happy to explore grant options, toss around event ideas, or share what another group has done successfully. However, when the […]

How to Find Dollars for a Matching or Challenge Grant

by Mandy Pearce     Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to work on numerous grants that listed matching funds as a requirement in the guidelines. For those of you new to grant writing, guidelines vary from donor-to-donor and agency-to-agency.  I have seen required matches from 20% to 100% […]

The First Five ‘To-Dos’ After Receiving a Grant

by Mandy Pearce Are you writing grants with no real plan on the next steps if you do or don’t receive funding? You need a plan. It’s not hard, and we are going to help you with the first few steps today. While this list isn’t too complicated, but each item […]

When Grant Season and Writer’s Block Coincide

by Marie Palacios Grant writing season is just around the corner. Those of us who look forward to submitting requests for funding know that spring and fall cycles tend to produce deadlines that are uncomfortably close to each other and writer’s block can happen to the best of us.   The […]

What Most Board Members DON’T Know About Grants

by Marie Palacios & Mandy Pearce How many of you are currently facing a crisis fundraising situation or are making big plans for a new program that is starting within the year?   More often than not, these situations require the board of directors to respond to the question: “How are […]

Demystifying Nonprofit Overhead

Guest Blog by Carol Wilson and Carrie Schulz of Nonprofit Accounting Academy As if the term “overhead” was not confusing enough,consider all the terms that can mean more or less the same thing: Administrative costs Management and general expenses Supporting services Fundraising expenses Indirect costs Infrastructure costs It’s enough to make your […]

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Planning Your Next Event

by Marie Palacios Have you ever found yourself in the final stretch of planning your event….exhausted….frustrated…and wondering “Why are we even going through all this trouble?” If you have, consider yourself in good company! Most organizations turn to events as their primary way to FUNDraise or FRIENDraise.  An event done right […]