Wrapping up for the Holidays   Recently updated !

by Marie Palacios How has the Fall been treating you so far? Are you staying warm, enjoying comfy blankets, fires and comfort foods? We are! This is one of our favorite times of year around Funding For Good. Marie and I have one final road trip for work next week, […]

Should Grants Be a Part of Your Fundraising Plan?   Recently updated !

by Mandy Pearce Are you the founder of a new nonprofit, an employee in an existing nonprofit, or possibly a board member serving a nonprofit? If so, you have probably wondered about the fundraising plan for your organization. What should you be doing? What should you NOT be doing? Are […]

Churches, Grants, & Faith-Based Organizations

by Mandy Pearce Marie and I work with a lot of organizations that are either faith-based, or would like to raise dollars from the faith community to fund their mission. Living in The Bible Belt (a real thing if you are unfamiliar with the term), makes fundraising with and for […]

What Should You Ask Program Officers About Proposals?

by Mandy Pearce The world of grant writing takes a front seat for many of us in the Spring and Fall when a myriad of applications are available and due. This seems like a prime time to have a little chat about the questions you should be asking when you […]

About Grant Writer Success Rates

by Amy Clinton While many nonprofits are interested in a grant writer’s past success rates as a measure of potential future performance, this metric provides little in the way of proof of a grant writer’s work product, skill as a grant writer, or likelihood of writing successful grant proposals. A grant writer’s […]

What 100% Board Giving Really Means

by Marie Palacios How many of you can honestly say that 100% of your board members give their time, talent, and treasure to your organization? If you answered “YES” to the above question, then kudos to you! Most non-profits begin hemming and hawing when asked if EVERY SINGLE ONE of their […]

How to Get Your Overhead Funded

Guest blog by my friend and Chief Encouragement Officer of Get Fully Funded, Sandy Rees Overhead. Ugh. It’s the hardest thing to raise money for, right? No one wants to pay for salaries. Or to keep the lights on in your building. Or for the dozen or so other items that must be […]

Five Powerful Minutes

by Brian Gott Say you have a big event next year and you want to start prospecting for new sponsors (and in fundraising, who doesn’t)? Many sponsorship seekers – and I’ve experienced this first hand – will put together a list of companies/contacts they’d like to recruit, put together a […]

What To Do When You Don’t Feel Comforable with an ‘Ask’

by Marie Palacios Many times, I sit around board tables with non-profit board members and staff as they deliberate about their fundraising woes. Everyone in the room is usually quite happy to explore grant options, toss around event ideas, or share what another group has done successfully. However, when the […]