Initiating Productive Conversations with Your Board Chair   Recently updated !

by Marie Palacios This past month I have had the opportunity to play an active role in a board/staff development series in my local community. The workshops offered me a unique opportunity to network, participate, and facilitate conversations. Although I eat, live, and breathe “non-profit” development on a daily basis, it […]

7 Donors You Should Be Thinking About

by Mandy Pearce Do you have a donor relation plan? Do you know how you will touch various types of donors throughout your year? A best practice that many have heard is that there should be at least seven donor touches every year. That’s not seven ‘asks’, but seven opportunities […]

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Planning Your Next Event

by Marie Palacios Have you ever found yourself in the final stretch of planning your event….exhausted….frustrated…and wondering “Why are we even going through all this trouble?” If you have, consider yourself in good company! Most organizations turn to events as their primary way to FUNDraise or FRIENDraise.  An event done right […]

10 Ways to Engage Your Board in Fundraising

by Mandy Pearce The end of the year often brings with it changes, goals, and resolutions for individuals and businesses alike. We often hear folks express a desire to make changes to their board of directors. Most of these changes are for the good of the organization and would bring about […]

Creating that ever-elusive working board

by Marie Palacios & Mandy Pearce Fall is officially here and for many our non-profits this season signifies a “changing of the guards.” Our more experienced board members prepare to rotate off as new ones prepare to take their place at the table. Sounds simple, right?    Kudos to the […]

Creative Budgeting

by Marie Palacios How many of you have been excited about a grant prospect only to realize that every single line item the donor is willing to approve must be for the direct use of program participants? It is not uncommon in today’s grant world to find donors who balk at supporting […]

4th Quarter To-Do List for End-Of-Year Success

by Mandy Pearce What should we be focused on to generate success during this time? People are making their final contributions to charities and we need to figure out how to get on their list! People are also overwhelmed with enjoying this time of year so how do we get […]

4 Fundraising Tips After 2 Major Hurricanes

by Sandy Rees   “What do I do?” This question came a few days ago from a client. We’ve been working for months on a new virtual fundraiser for her global nonprofit, planning to hold the event September 30 (less than 3 weeks away). And in the past few days… […]

Granted: Successful Grant Writing Webinar Replay

Some of our registrants for the September 12, 2017 free webinar are in hurricane affected areas. I don’t want anyone to miss this free webinar due to these circumstances, so it is now available on our YouTube channel until September 28. Just click here to listen and view the slide presentation! […]

Special Events: A CPA’s Insight

“Events are often more trouble than they are worth!” Chances are, if you work in the non-profit sector you have expressed that sentiment a time or two. All too often, staff and volunteers are so preoccupied with the LOGISTICS of an event that we forget to consider the LEGALITY of […]