4 Fundraising Tips After 2 Major Hurricanes

by Sandy Rees   “What do I do?” This question came a few days ago from a client. We’ve been working for months on a new virtual fundraiser for her global nonprofit, planning to hold the event September 30 (less than 3 weeks away). And in the past few days… […]

Granted: Successful Grant Writing Webinar Replay

Some of our registrants for the September 12, 2017 free webinar are in hurricane affected areas. I don’t want anyone to miss this free webinar due to these circumstances, so it is now available on our YouTube channel until September 28. Just click here to listen and view the slide presentation! […]

Special Events: A CPA’s Insight

“Events are often more trouble than they are worth!” Chances are, if you work in the non-profit sector you have expressed that sentiment a time or two. All too often, staff and volunteers are so preoccupied with the LOGISTICS of an event that we forget to consider the LEGALITY of […]

Tax Status vs Business Model

Are you running your non-profit like a business? Because it is one! This topic continues to be a hot topic among students, colleagues, and the nonprofit community and I decided I would take a minute to share about why non-profit is your tax id status and should not also be […]

Fundraising Success Starts with FOOD Time

As you may have guessed, FOOD time is not about food at all. But what it represents does nourish you, and your development skill sets every time you partake. FOOD time translates into any field but just happens to be an acronym when talking about development work. FOOD stands for […]

#1 Thing To Do Prior To Researching Grants

The #1 thing to do prior to starting grant research is to create a needs list. You might think this is silly, but most folks that come to me for help find foundations they can apply to, don’t even have a list of what they need funding to support. How […]

Two Types of Seed Money

I have been involved in a few conversations recently about finding dollars for new organizations and in the course of grant research related conversation, the topic of seed money has popped up as well. Over the years I have learned that there are a whole bunch of various ‘types of […]

4 Signs a Nonprofit Should Start Looking at Grants

Would it surprise you to know that some nonprofits have never – and will never – turn to grant funding as part of their development plan? I have worked with nonprofits that have been around for over 50 years and are just now venturing into the grant world. They usually […]

8 Strategies to Gain and Retain Donors

Do you ever wish someone would share their ideas, or proven strategies, on something that would help you excel at a task? Been there! It always frustrated me when I sign up for a webinar or class, looking for a specific nugget of information that I feel has been advertised, […]