When Grant Season and Writer’s Block Coincide   Recently updated !

by Marie Palacios, Funding For Good Grant writing season is just around the corner. Those of us who look forward to submitting requests for funding know that spring and fall cycles tend to produce deadlines that are uncomfortably close to each other and writer’s block can happen to the best […]

What Most Board Members DON’T Know About Grants

by Marie Palacios & Mandy Pearce How many of you are currently facing a crisis fundraising situation or are making big plans for a new program that is starting within the year?   More often than not, these situations require the board of directors to respond to the question: “How are […]

Demystifying Nonprofit Overhead

Guest Blog by Carol Wilson and Carrie Schulz of Nonprofit Accounting Academy As if the term “overhead” was not confusing enough,consider all the terms that can mean more or less the same thing: Administrative costs Management and general expenses Supporting services Fundraising expenses Indirect costs Infrastructure costs It’s enough to make your […]

Quick Tips for Using Program Grants to Build Capacity

by Marie Palacios How many of you are ready to pull your hair out because the grants you research offer plenty of dollars for program materials or direct services but never enough money for staff salaries, marketing, or administrative costs?   I’m going to go ahead and raise two hands here! “Not to sound ungrateful for […]

Three Common Myths about Capacity Building Grants

by Marie Palacios Today I want us to get honest about capacity building. The phrase “capacity building” is simple. It is a “buzz word” in the non-profit community yet board members and executive directors have been reaching out on a weekly basis to ask Funding for Good: “What exactly is […]

7 Things To Consider Before Adding Grants to Your Budget

by Mandy Pearce Have you ever heard of a non-profit that didn’t apply for grant funding? Would you like to be one of those organizations? It might surprise you, but they exist. Some folks generate sustainability without relying on grant funding. It takes works, but it is possible. Do I recommend […]

7 Things To Know Before Conducting Grant Research

by Mandy Pearce Grant writing is not as simple as sitting down and putting words on paper. Oh but if it was! Right? Successful grant writing begins with successful grant research. Finding the prospects whose priorities are well-matched to your current needs. How do you do that, and why? Some […]

Here’s how to get your overhead funded

Guest Blog by Sandy Rees, Get Fully Funded Overhead. Ugh. It’s the hardest thing to raise money for, right? No one wants to pay for salaries. Or to keep the lights on in your building. Or for the dozen or so other items that must be paid for to keep your […]

Initiating Productive Conversations with Your Board Chair

by Marie Palacios This past month I have had the opportunity to play an active role in a board/staff development series in my local community. The workshops offered me a unique opportunity to network, participate, and facilitate conversations. Although I eat, live, and breathe “non-profit” development on a daily basis, it […]

7 Donors You Should Be Thinking About

by Mandy Pearce Do you have a donor relation plan? Do you know how you will touch various types of donors throughout your year? A best practice that many have heard is that there should be at least seven donor touches every year. That’s not seven ‘asks’, but seven opportunities […]