Simple Steps to Write an Executive Summary   Recently updated !

by Mandy Pearce There are 8 basic elements of most proposals. Each grant application will not use the same terminology, but most will ask for this type of information. Some grants won’t have all of these, some will have more, but a good template can be created for your programs and […]

What 100% Board Giving Really Means   Recently updated !

by Marie Palacios How many of you can honestly say that 100% of your board members give their time, talent, and treasure to your organization? If you answered “YES” to the above question, then kudos to you! Most non-profits begin hemming and hawing when asked if EVERY SINGLE ONE of their […]

When Your Board Chair Has It Going On!

by Marie Palacios Today’s blog is dedicated to all the amazing board chairs who have stepped up and are leading with intent! Spring is here and rather than bemoan the fact that no one has informed winter that she has overstayed her welcome or gripe about dysfunctional non-profit boards, we […]

How to Get Your Overhead Funded

Guest blog by my friend and Chief Encouragement Officer of Get Fully Funded, Sandy Rees Overhead. Ugh. It’s the hardest thing to raise money for, right? No one wants to pay for salaries. Or to keep the lights on in your building. Or for the dozen or so other items that must be […]

Creating Solutions

by Brian Gott Brian told you the most important thing to do when you get those five powerful minutes with a potential sponsor is ask the following question: “What are your biggest challenges for the next six months and how can I help you achieve them.” By asking that question, […]

Five Powerful Minutes

by Brian Gott Say you have a big event next year and you want to start prospecting for new sponsors (and in fundraising, who doesn’t)? Many sponsorship seekers – and I’ve experienced this first hand – will put together a list of companies/contacts they’d like to recruit, put together a […]

What To Do When You Don’t Feel Comforable with an ‘Ask’

by Marie Palacios Many times, I sit around board tables with non-profit board members and staff as they deliberate about their fundraising woes. Everyone in the room is usually quite happy to explore grant options, toss around event ideas, or share what another group has done successfully. However, when the […]

10 Questions Potential Board Members Should Ask

by Marie Palacios Can you imagine getting a phone call from a random friend saying “Hey, we have a job opening at my work and we thought you would be a great fit. You just need to show up, and we will tell you what to do!”?  While that call might be […]

How to Find Dollars for a Matching or Challenge Grant

by Mandy Pearce     Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to work on numerous grants that listed matching funds as a requirement in the guidelines. For those of you new to grant writing, guidelines vary from donor-to-donor and agency-to-agency.  I have seen required matches from 20% to 100% […]

Three Ways to Identify New Foundation Prospects?

by Mandy Pearce Grant research can be a daunting task, and as such, a task many of us put off as long as possible. With a few simple steps, grant research can produce amazing results pretty quickly.   Let’s look at a bit of low-hanging fruit to get you started on your […]