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Grant Writing Webinar Series

12 Grant Writing Courses  |  Online to better fit your life  |  Access to grant writing tools & templates

Pro-level (& accessible) trainings for everyone working hard towards sustainable funding

We’re all busy.

We’re all trying to make big changes in our organizations.

We don’t have time to go hunting down the Google rabbit-hole looking for information that goes beyond “The Top 10 Tips for Grant Writing.” So we developed a Grant Writing Webinar Series.

At Funding For Good, we have over 40 years of combined experience helping organizations train, grow, and build sustainable funding models.

Our 12 grant writing courses are built for you if:

  1. you’ve never written a grant before and want high-quality training
  2. you’re a writing pro & need to keep your skills up-to-date

An explanation of our grant writing courses.

  • 12 pro-level highly accessible trainings. Put all 12 together and you’ll have an unofficial degree in grant writing.
  • Access to the recordings for and handouts for 365 days for you and your team.
  • A small library of tools, complete with checklists, templates and worksheets that you can use whenever you want.

And we don’t beat around the bush.

  • We won’t sell to you in our courses. Seriously. No joke. We won’t. Because we find it annoying & you don’t have time for it anyway.
  • The courses were recorded live so you also get the Q&A from each live session.

Register for the Grant Writing 12-Course Package and Save 20%

“These courses are organized, clear and the format is easy to follow. I always take away something new or the information is a good refresher! I always have at least one take away and new resources.” – Caroline

“I’m always looking to learn more about grant writing and board engagement. As a nonprofit ED, I have to always be looking for ways to adapt and change. I got more than what I hoped for because I am still able to use the information I learned and apply it to a broad scope of grant writing strategies and board engagement tactics.” – Alison

Webinar Series: Grant Writing Topics

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