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About The Series

We’re all looking to make a bigger impact.

And that requires more funding.
Yet…funding is the giant rabbit hole of nonprofit work.

Where do you begin?
And once you begin, how do you know where to put your efforts?
What fundraising activities will have the highest impact with the least amount of effort?

At Funding For Good, we have over 40 years of combined experience helping organizations train, grow, and build sustainable funding models.

We created a 12-part series diving deep into the rabbit hole to help you build an impactful strategy for your unique organization.

Let’s get straight to the point:

  • Each webinar is packed full of key pointers you can use immediately to enhance your fundraising and build the capacity of your organization.
  • A pro-level highly accessible training. Put all 12 together and you’ll end up with an unofficial degree in fundraising.
  • A small library of tools, complete with checklists and worksheets that you can use whenever you want.

Our in-depth fundraising webinar series is built for you if:

  • you’re new to fundraising and want high-quality training
  • you’re a fundraising pro and need new ideas to make a bigger impact
  • I appreciate the comprehensiveness of the webinars. It keeps me grounded and focused on the work and gives me just enough so that I can continue on without being overwhelmed. I always appreciate the quality of the presentations. Bravo! You really care about us. And the content? Superb. Always thought provoking and gives me a way to take the next step.

    – Mary Ann

    Everything was clear, succinct, well thought-out and taught in an engaging way. It was excellent that we could go back and watch again because it was recorded and available for 12 months!

    – Melissa

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    Impact Reporting to Increase Donors and Dollars$47.00
    Mighty Metrics$47.00
    Direct Mail Campaigns 101$47.00
    Customizing Direct Mail Appeals$47.00
    Maximizing Donor Databases$47.00
    Donor Relations that Create Donor Retention$47.00
    Getting to Know Donors: Segmenting Strategies$47.00
    Full Circle Fundraising$47.00

    Topics and Descriptions

    Identifying Needs & Building Budgets

    Learn how to deconstruct your programs and develop a realistic budget to drive your fundraising plan. Description: Do you want to avoid budget surprises that can leave your organization strapped for cash and operating in crisis mode? Let Funding for Good walk you through the budget deconstruction process so you can identify gaps and craft realistic projections at the program and organization levels.


    • Identify the most common line-items in a nonprofit budget
    • Discover the three items most often missing in nonprofit budgets
    • Learn how to avoid common budgeting pitfalls
    • Gain tips for crafting budget assumptions to justify the math
    • Explore different budget formats to improve functional use

    Optimizing Income Streams

    Description: Are you burned out from fundraising events? Are you tired of working so hard to raise so little money? If you are ready to spend less time and energy on events to bring in the bucks, this webinar is for you. Join Funding for Good as we teach you how to evaluate your fundraising events and efforts, so you know what to ditch and what do.


    • Evaluate fundraising efforts to minimize stress.
    • Adopt fundraising strategies that maximize results.
    • Facilitate intentional conversations with your team to reframe fundraising priorities.

    Direct Mail Campaigns 101

    Description: Do you feel like your current donors are getting “burned out?” Are you ready to expand your support base through direct mail campaigns? If you answered “yes” to either of the questions above, join Funding for Good for the dos and don’ts of direct mail campaigns.


    • Learn what “segmenting your mailing list” means and why it is important.
    • Break down the direct mail process from A to Z.
    • Walk away with a clear understanding of what a new donor acquisition is and what is not.
    • Gain tips on how messaging must be tweaked to compel different recipients to action.

    Donor Relations That Create Donor Retention

    Description: Did you know that it is six times more costly to acquire a new donor than it is to retain an existing donor? Your nonprofit's success and sustainability depend on your ability to attract new donors and keep existing ones. Join our experts as we define proven strategies to cultivate donors from introduction to long-term engagement. Get a look at donor relations through the eyes of your donor and take-home nuggets that you can implement right away to create stronger development departments and happier donors.


    • Understand the role relationship-building plays in a nonprofit's fundraising success.
    • Practice strategies for productive interactions with donors and potential donors.
    • Develop strategies to generate actions from your donor base.
    • Identify methods for ongoing communication with your donors to build lasting relationships.
    • Differentiate between retention and acquisition and learn the metrics you should measure around both.

    How to Create Fundraising Plans

    Description: Do you have fundraising goals but no idea of where to start in creating strategies to accomplish them? Our experts will teach you how to identify the essential data in your organization’s past and present so you can create a fundraising plan that works. This session replaces fundraising fantasies with fact-driven processes.


    • Complete a historical review of your organization’s fundraising data.
    • Use data to develop an action-oriented and viable fundraising plan.
    • Explore options to evaluate and diversify revenue streams.
    • Determine where and if grants fit into the equation.

    Impact Reporting to Increase Donors and Dollars

    Description: Do you struggle to collect, analyze, and organize data in a way that inspires donors to open their wallets? Donor relations that create donor retention are the goal for every nonprofit. Funding for Good understands that donors want to invest in your impact, not your existence. Join us to learn what donors want to know, why it is crucial, and how to share your past achievements, so donors contribute to your future goals.


    • Learn what donors want to know and why and how to generate more income and interest from them.
    • Gain a clear understanding of how to segment data.
    • Explore multiple creative strategies for sharing data, so donors understand your impact.

    Customizing Direct Mail Appeals

    Description: Messaging is a powerful skill set for nonprofit staff, boards, and volunteers. If we want community members to engage in our mission, volunteers to serve, and donors to increase giving, we must first give them more. Strategic messaging has the power to motivate people into action. As fundraisers, it is easy to develop “asking tunnel vision.” But at the end of the day, we are asking other people to volunteer time or part with their hard-earned money. How do we pair direct mail opportunities and best practices with a powerful message to build organizational capacity and stability? This workshop offers simple strategies and best practices for engaging recipients of direct mail to open doors and generate support. By focusing on impact, the value of a dollar, and follow-up reporting, you will be able to connect with a donor, emotionally, mentally, and intellectually.


    • Understand the lengths and format of the most successful appeals.
    • Direct mail best practices.
    • How to manage segmenting effectively.
    • Determine how to tweak letters to achieve different goals.
    • Learn new approaches to crafting a compelling call to action.
    • How and when to consider direct mail as a new funding stream.

    Getting to Know Donors: Segmenting Strategies

    Description: Are you tired of sending out appeals that get ignored? If you would like to streamline your donor cultivation processes without losing the personal touch, join Funding for Good for this interactive workshop.


    • Explore donor segmenting strategies that work.
    • Learn how to decide “who should get what.”
    • Determine what to send different donor lists and when.
    • Outline thoughtful interactions and tokens of appreciations that are mission-focused and donor-appropriate.

    Becoming an A-List Fundraiser

    Description: What would happen if no one in an organization focused their efforts on resource development? Would great nonprofits be forced to reduce or cancel programs, postpone critical events/campaigns, or even worse-close their doors? This webinar focuses on development planning basics, so individuals new to the world of fundraising and nonprofits are equipped to make successful transitions. A healthy development staff and plan help put safety nets in place to ensure organizations can survive major transitions and work towards long-term goals. Funding For Good’s team will dissect the roles and responsibilities of development staff, identify and highlight best practices in fundraising, and share creative solutions to a successful development position from their own experiences.


    • Understand the primary purpose and key components of development work.
    • Grasp key job skills, roles, and responsibilities of development staff.
    • Create a basic development plan template that can be personalized for any organization.
    • Learn time-management strategies and planning best practices to ensure success in the fundraising field.

    Mighty Metrics

    Description: If you have a list of donors but still struggle to answer the question “What should I say and how much should I ask for?” this webinar is for you. Join our experts as we explain what metrics are vital in cultivating donors and retaining donors.


    • Learn key industry terms such as ROI, LYBUNTS, SYBUNTS and more.
    • Understand how donor retention strategies can save you time and money.
    • Explore donor acquisition strategies that work.
    • Gain tips and tools for tracking and reporting the return on investment for fundraising efforts.

    Maximizing Donor Databases

    Description: Gifts from individual donors are responsible for more than 70% of all charitable contributions in the U.S. An effective donor database is critical for organizing donor information so your organization can successfully cultivate relationships and generate support for your mission. Whether you are developing a new database or seeking ways to optimize your current donor tracking methods, this session is for you!


    • Understand the different types of donor tracking systems.
    • Learn what demographics you should collect for donors.
    • Determine what reports you should be running and when.
    • Learn tools offered through donor databases that will save you time and energy in raising dollars and retaining donors.

    Full Circle Fundraising

    Description: Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and access a fundraising pro? Now you can! Join Funding for Good as we review the essential components of successful fundraising, such as planning, goal setting, donor cultivation, data tracking and impact reporting.


    • Gain a comprehensive overview of the full fundraising cycle.
    • Learn what it takes to be a ‘year-round’ fundraising executive.
    • Create a checklist of essential fundraising systems and strategies.
    • Establish essential fundraising tasks and timelines.

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