Webinar Series

Pro-level (& accessible) training for everyone working hard towards sustainable funding.

When you need to know how to do something, you need to know it now.
Scrolling for hours through fluff blog posts on the 10 Best Ways To Fundraise is a waste of time.

We really don’t like wasting time.

Our webinar series are mini masterclasses, packed full of as much nonprofit knowledge as we can manage.

With four different themes, we’ve worked our way through all aspects of nonprofit sustainability.

What are our webinar series?

  • Four different themes, each with 12 webinars and handouts/downloads, and access for one year.
  • Online to better fit your life and share with your team
  • Access to proven fundraising tools, templates, and professionals

“I appreciate the comprehensiveness of the webinars. It keeps me grounded and focused on the work and gives me just enough so that I can continue on without being overwhelmed. I always appreciate the quality of the presentations. Bravo! You really care about us.”

Mary Ann

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Nonprofit Capacity Building

Learn how to turn growing pains into growing gains and build a successful, sustainable organization.

  • When and how to grow
  • Hiring
  • Leadership development
  • Targeted messaging
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Partnership planning
  • And more
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New Year Planning Goals

Nonprofit Leadership Development

Lift your head above water to find the strategies and tools that keep your head above water.

We cover everything nonprofit leadership:

  • Strategic planning
  • Roles
  • Board development
  • Time management
  • And more
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Fundraising Fundamentals

More than a crash course—this is a deep dive into fundraising.
What do we cover?
A lot.

  • Building budgets
  • Creating plans
  • Optimizing income streams
  • Donor relations
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Segmentation and metrics
  • And more
executive summaries
New Year Planning Goals

Grant Writing

Make a bigger change and snag bigger grants with more effective grant writing.

Over the course of 12 webinars, we cover quite a bit of ground.

  • Effective grant research
  • Templates
  • Program design
  • Budgeting to fund your overhead
  • Sustainability planning
  • And more

“I love everything about these courses. I actually love the accessibility to the recordings because we are overseas and I have trouble with making the live recording – the course has been great so I can schedule it and learn it on my own time. Thanks! “


Custom private webinars just for you and your team.

Online Training

with Funding for Good

Have a particular skill you want to develop? We’re here for it.
We give hundreds of webinars and training every single year and have a treasure trove of material, from fundraising to grant writing to donor relations and more.

If you and your team are looking for tailored private training and webinars on exactly the problem you’re facing, we’ve got your back.