Leading with Intent

2022 Nonprofit Leadership Development Webinar Series

  • POne live interactive webinar a month
  • PIn-depth sessions on topics every nonprofit leader struggles to master
  • PAccess to proven leadership strategies and tools

Create Change with Consistent Measurable Impact

Inspiring positive change is the goal of any nonprofit.
You’re here to make the world a better place!

It’s such important work and who else will do it if you don’t?

Nonprofit leaders are the ones always stepping up, pushing the mission forward, making tough decisions, and rallying the team.

Yet all too often leaders find themselves putting out fires.
They juggle the board, staff, volunteers, hiring, firing…it’s a lot to manage.

It leaves little to no time for innovation (or sleep, for that matter).

At Funding For Good, we’ve worked with hundreds of nonprofits over the years to empower their leaders with the knowledge they need to create a positive and productive culture.

The key to greater impact is to lead with intent.

Learn how to build a positive culture of leadership to fulfill your mission.

Our 2022 monthly webinar series is designed to help refocus, recharge, and redirect energy so you and your team can create even more impact.

We’re covering everything nonprofit leadership: strategic planning, roles, board development, time management, and more.
Come join us for leadership training, Funding For Good style.

Monthly Webinars for Leaders At All Levels

  • Pro-level highly accessible training. Put all 12 webinars together and you’ll end the year with an unofficial degree in nonprofit leadership.
  • Access to each recording for one year after the live date – and you can share the recordings with your team. (hint hint)
  • A small library of tools, complete with checklists and worksheets that you can use whenever you want.

Our In-Depth Leadership Series is Built for You If:

  1. You’re new to your leadership position and want high-quality training
  2. You’re a seasoned nonprofit leader who is tired of feeling burnt out all the time
  3. You’re a board member and want to know how to better support the organization

Webinars Packed Full of Training, Not Selling

  • We won’t pitch to you during our webinars. This is an education series. We aren’t trying to sell you into something else. Come, join us, learn, and go implement.
  • Each webinar is full of key pointers you can implement immediately to create a stronger leadership culture.
  • The courses are recorded live so we can answer all of your questions—and if we run out of time, we’ll email directly with an answer.

Sign up for all 12 webinars and save 20%

I am VERY impressed with the 2022 series and recommend it to both staff and board. The series included information that was immediately relevant and valuable for ongoing improvement initiatives for our organization and board, but it also helped us put together a deeper improvement roadmap that covers the important as well as the urgent. I love to be able to review prior sessions and access presentation materials as well as sharing the information with key teammates involved in the improvement initiatives. I am considering a more comprehensive resource membership option to be able to get longer term access to materials that will be invaluable during our continuous improvement initiatives.

John Lamirande

The Nonprofit Leadership Development Webinar Series provided me an opportunity to refresh and improve my own nonprofit skillset, and resources to share with my clients. I am always looking for ways to stay abreast of the current trends in nonprofits, and this program allowed for that without taking up my valuable work time. I could schedule around the sessions since the full year of training dates was provided. It was affordable and time efficient.

I would encourage leaders in nonprofits to attend and gain valuable knowledge and insight into many topics that are part of daily nonprofit life.

Pam Anderson

2022 Webinar Series: Nonprofit Leadership Development

One webinar a month to take you from a constantly over-stressed leader to a confident leader with a clear strategy.

Pick and choose the training you need the most or register for all 12 and save 20%.

Monthly Leadership Training

I highly recommend the Nonprofit Leadership Development Webinar Series whether you are new to the nonprofit world or have been around for years, I found it very helpful and informative. The best part is that they are recorded and you can view them for up to a year afterward, which has been super helpful to me. I’ve learned a lot and it’s reiterated information I already knew but needed to hear again!

Chris Armstrong

It is a really good set of trainings that together give you a well rounded basic understanding of nonprofit work. I would highly recommend this series for anyone looking to grow their nonprofit. The series has a lot of good information on how to get to the next level no matter what stage you are currently in at your nonprofit. Everyone can learn something from this series no matter their background, current knowledge base or goals.

Jenny Hamilton

Save 20% When You Register for the Whole Series

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