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  • Vault-only webinars and videos ($500+)
  • Time trying to find vetted and proved tools and resources (priceless)

Joining The Vault will save you over $1,700, every single year.

20+ interactive templates for grant writing, board development, budgeting, and more, all included.

Access to all of our recorded webinar series, normally priced at $444/each.

Free registration to all of our live, on-demand webinars during your subscription.

A catalog of customizable scripts, sample letters, agendas, and more to help build solid foundations for and grow the capacity of your organization.

Members-only how-tos focusing on strategic planning, executive coaching, board solutions, fundraising, and more.

First access to new content created for the Vault during your subscription, including custom videos, templates, products, and more.

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*Additional items are added throughout the year as they are presented live.
This listing includes items that live in the Vault year round.

  • Webinar Series
Grant Writing Webinar Series
Grant Writing: What the Pros Know
Effective Grant Research
Time Saving Templates
The Low-Down on Executive Summaries & Letter of Inquiries
Learning to Share Your Sandbox
Creating Program Designs That Pack a Punch
Budgeting to Fully Fund Your Overhead
Sustainability Planning
Partnership Agreements Made Easy
Cold Turkey Conversations with Donors
The Measure of Success

Fundraising Fundamentals Webinar Series
Identifying Needs & Building Budgets
How to Create Fundraising Plans
Becoming an A-List Fundraiser
Optimizing Income Streams
Impact Reporting to Increase Donors and Dollars
Mighty Metrics
Direct Mail Campaigns 101
Customizing Direct Mail Appeals
Maximizing Donor Databases
Donor Relations that Create Donor Retention
Getting to Know Donors: Segmenting Strategies
Full Circle Fundraising

Nonprofit Leadership Development Webinar Series
Developing Successful Leadership through Strategic Planning
The Founders Role in the Nonprofit They Create
Building and A-List Board
Executive Committees in Action
Hiring and Firing: Executive Staff Management
Balance of Power: The ED and Board Chair
The Effective ED
The Leadership’s Role in Partnership Planning
Less Talk, More Action: Meetings that Work
Streamlining Volunteer Management
Timesaving Tools for Efficient Leaders
Succession Planning: Strategies that Work

Nonprofit Capacity Building Webinar Series
Knowing When to Grow: Capacity Building Basics
Transitioning from a Working to a Governing Board
Hiring for Sustainability
Equipping Impactful Leaders
Developing High-Functioning Leaders
Creating a Culture of Strategic Thinking
Increasing Engagement Through Targeted Messaging
Engaging Stakeholders to Drive Decision-Making
High Impact Partnership Planning
Increasing Operating Capacity: How to Grow
Outsourcing for Growth
Understanding and Maximizing Capacity-Building Grants

  • Vault Only Content

Board Roles and Responsibilities
Basics of Board Fundraising

Building Capacity Through Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning – The Beginning
Strategic Planning – The Final Document

Templates and Tools
Succession Planning Checklist
Guide to Getting Started with Succession Planning
Leadership Profile Matrix for Succession Planning

  • Templates and Tools

Interactive Templates
Grant Development Planner
Grant Goals
Grant Tracking Worksheet
Leadership Report
Board Member Engagement Tracking Form
Board of Directors Application
Board of Directors Job Description
Board of Directors Engagement Form

Board Resources
Agenda for Regular CEO/Board Chair Meeting – Sample
Basic Roles & Responsibilities of Board Officers
Board Member Job Description – Sample
Board Building Kit Checklist
Board Chair-President Job Description – Sample
Board Engagement Checklist
Board of Directors Moves Management Tool
Board Profile Matrix
Board Secretary Job Description – Sample
Bylaws from NC Center of Nonprofits – Sample
Bylaws Template
Mission vs. Vision Statement
New Board Member Onboarding Checklist
Regional Advisory Board Member Job Description – Sample
Strategic Planning: The First Five Steps

Grant Writing and Research Resources
3 Year Income Expense Budget Template
5 Year Basic Project Expense Budget Template
Basic Line-Item Budget Template for Grants
Basic Multiple Program Budget Template
Budget Spreadsheet
Program Abstract Template
Project Support Letter – Sample
Sustainability Plan – Sample Verbiage

General Resources
Child Protection Policy – Sample
Detailed Needs List Template
Event Optimization Form
Goals & Action Planning Spreadsheet
Key Questions to Consider When Comparing Donor Management Software
Memorandum of Understanding – Template
Memorandum of Understanding – Samples
Pledge Card – Generic
Pledge Card – Sample
Program Design: The Beginning
Quick Tips on Partnership Letters Agreements
Remote Work Policy – Sample
Request Letter for Local Business – Sample
Strategic Planning: The First Five Steps
Unrestricted Major Gifts Policy – Sample

  • On-Demand Webinars
Four Cornerstones of Nonprofit Board Governance
Onboarding Strategies: How to Build an Active Board
Transitioning from Hourly to Project-Based Pricing

The Vault

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we share our Vault access with our whole team?
You can use your login and share resources with your team in-house, but you only have one login/password, and it can only be used on one computer at a time.

What if we bought something already that is included in The Vault?
There are no refunds available for previously purchased materials that may also be included in a Vault membership.

Will The Vault show up in our Member Portal on FFG's Website?
Yes. You may access The Vault in your member portal, or you may access your content directly by following this link:

Who do we contact if we have technology issues with The Vault?
Please contact [email protected] with any tech issues.

Is the current webinar series included in our Vault membership?
No. The previous year’s webinar series are included, but not the current year.

Are all of the YouTube videos in The Vault?
No. We have Vault-only videos available for members, but not the entire library of YouTube videos. You can aways access those for free here:

Are all of FFGs webinars in The Vault?
No. Only the previous year’s webinar series and the on-demand webinars that occur during your personal vault membership are available in The Vault. Expiration dates still apply to on-demand events. They will expire from The Vault on the same dates they expire for those that registered for the live event. See individual webinar description for details.

As Vault members, do we have discounts on other purchases?
You can purchase the current year’s webinar series at 50% off when you register for your Vault membership. This offer does not extend after your initial registration is complete.

Will we get a reminder email before our Vault access expires?
Yes, you will receive reminders one month, one week, and one day before your access to The Vault expires.

Still have questions? Just send an email to our [email protected].

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