Development Director and Executive Search Services

Build the right team to make greater impact.

If there’s one thing that can be universally agreed upon, it’s that raising money is hard.

You need a solid development plan and team.

Hire the right director and get them to 100% faster with our tailored service.

  • Attract great candidates with a clear job description
  • Develop custom interview questions to qualify
  • Have an onboarding plan so the new hire can hit ‘go’ on day one

“Funding For Good helped me create the right job description to attract an experienced fundraiser. She helped me put the announcement in the right places, review the numerous applications I received (and set up the whole interview process), and ultimately find the right person to serve as the new VP of Development. During all of that work, she also helped me draft a fundraising plan (for the new person to implement), provided fundraising training and processes for me and other staff, and still identified grant opportunities, and shepherded me through the process of applying.

As an organization that focuses on efficiency and measuring return on investment, I am confident in saying that contracting with Funding for Good has had a great ROI for me and the organization.”


Robert Weissert, Executive Vice President & General Counsel | Florida TaxWatch Research Institute

From the job description to the first 90 days in the office—it’s more than just saying ‘yes’ to a candidate.

Development Directors are the lynchpin to any fundraising effort.

You need one that not only knows how to raise money but fits the culture of your team, is passionate about your mission, and is in it for the long haul.

It’s a big decision.

We’ll set clear expectations for both your team, our work, and your new hire so everyone is working at peak capacity.

Our Process


Align on expectations and what your organization needs.

Job Description

Promote a clearly worded pitch to attract ideal candidates.


Custom interview questions, and we’ll even sit on the panel if needed.


Hit GO on day one with a 30/60/90 day work plan.

Ready to hire the right Development Director?


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“Funding for Good assisted us with role definition and job description, with candidate recruitment, and through the various stages of interview cycles. They provided us with templates for candidate communications and facilitated the interviews providing resume summarizations and targeted questions. Expectations were clearly defined at the beginning of the process, and all deliverables achieved meeting or exceeding the expected quality standards and focus on our specific nonprofit’s needs.

Funding for Good provides actionable, high-quality services with a high return on investment.”


Ana Yelen | Healing Warriors Program

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