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Define What Truly Matters for Your Organization’s Future

Every organization needs an actionable and adaptable strategic plan —yet most planning processes are long and drawn-out affairs.
They shouldn’t be.
The process simply needs to be intentional.

A consensus-driven planning process will help your organization:

    • Set workable goals everyone agrees on
    • Establish a multi-year timeline with a clear action plan
    • Develop strategies to overcome barriers and achieve the vision

At Funding For Good, we used our 40+ years of combined experience to design a process that takes the guesswork out of strategic planning.
Our three-step approach is straightforward, evidence-based, and timely.

No more thinking in circles, no more setting goals without a roadmap to reach them.

We work with nonprofit, for-profit, and governmental agencies nationwide to create visionary yet actionable plans to GROW.

At the end of our three-step process, you walk away with:


Clarity and consensus across your entire leadership team


Workable goals laid out in a professionally designed, editable strategic planning document


A playbook with a full suite of professional templates and tutorials for current and incoming team members

Are you ready to grow?

“Funding for Good did an excellent job helping us build a strategic plan for Spirit League. The two-day retreat was well organized, and Marie did an awesome job facilitating our sessions. Everyone got a chance to participate and buy into the final product. I have been to many corporate planning events, and this was by far the best in terms of process and output. One of the best things is that Mandy writes everything up in real-time, so you get a draft plan right away and they offer substantial support to help us make our strategy a reality.  I highly recommend Funding for Good to anyone looking to take their nonprofit to reach the next level.”

Mike Jarpe | Spirit League Board President

Organization-Wide Alignment on a New Path Forward

Most strategic plans fail because the right people weren’t in the room.
Those plans sit forgotten while organizations are forced to scramble to adapt to the world around them. Without proper consensus, it’s no wonder the plan failed.

  • Our team will help you bring the board, staff, and stakeholders together to ensure all voices are heard.
  • Our facilitators are experts at helping groups navigate challenging conversations to achieve consensus.
  • Planning retreats are high-energy and high productivity.
  • The final plans are exciting yet attainable

Visionary, actionable, and consensus-based plans.
That’s the recipe for future success.

Our Three-Step Process

Our Three-Step Process

Alignment is critical to a successful planning process. Step one allows us to make sure the process is adapted to your unique needs to ensure the most successful results.

We work with decision-makers to:

  • Break down the strategic planning into actionable steps
  • Create tasks and timelines to drive an efficient process
  • Engage teams in an organizational assessment (SWOT)
  • Solicit targeted feedback from stakeholders
  • Ensure the organization’s vision and mission statements are current and relevant
  • Prep for a productive planning retreat

Build on shared ideas and keep up the momentum in a two-day retreat. Both days are carefully designed and facilitated to allow for maximum efficiency and outcomes.

We facilitate focused and highly engaging sessions to:

  • Clarify the organization’s vision for the next 3 years
  • Address barriers that might impact goals, strategies, and outcomes
  • Develop strategies to overcome barriers and achieve the vision
  • Create measurable goals
  • Establish multi-year timelines
  • Produce a detailed action and implementation plan for year 1 of your plan
  • Confirm reporting and accountability processes
You did the hard work of the big-picture thinking in the retreat, now we go and write your strategic planning document.

As you prepare to put your plan into action, you can expect us to:

  • Send you a professional, editable strategic planning document within one week of the retreat.
  • Provide a full suite of professional templates and tutorials designed to streamline your review and reporting processes.
  • Jump on a support call within 30 days of your retreat to answer any questions you might have.
  • Submit a proposal to explore ways Funding For Good can support your work going forward.
*This process represents our standard approach to planning. We customize processes to meet clients’ individual needs to ensure the most successful results.

“When you engage Funding for Good for strategic planning needs, you are getting professionals who are well-versed in the TOP evidenced-based model. Many consultants in this space provide facilitation for the planning retreat alone. But Mandy and Marie provide guidance from the preparation and planning phases on into the implementation phase…as well as facilitating the planning retreat! Even with a full room and full agenda, their high energy and quick pace encouraged the exchange to stay on task and focused on the outcome. This process certainly has helped us synthesize how to “Build more. Do more. Serve more.” in the next few years, and we are eager to see all that will be accomplished with our shift in strategic direction.”

Meg Spivey | Development Director, Habitat for Humanity of Catawba Valley

Set a clear, actionable roadmap for the next 3 years.

We’re typically booked 6-months out. Don’t wait to get the process started.

About Funding for Good

For over 14 years, Mandy Pearce and Marie Palacios has been rolling up their sleeves and working hard to support mission-driven organizations. Our focus is making sure everything we deliver is clear, efficient, and actionable.

When organizations find themselves at a crossroads, we’re the people they call.

A Focused and Effective Strategic Planning Process

Develop a clear strategic plan for your nonprofit, for-profit, or governmental agency with broad buy-in.

With our three-step process, you’ll walk away with:


Actionable goals and benchmarks


Organization-wide consensus for future growth


A full suite of templates and tutorials so you can get straight to work


One professionally designed, editable strategic planning document that won’t grow dusty on the shelf

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