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A clear, actionable plan to advance your mission.

A strategic plan is a keystone to an organization’s long-term success.

Without knowing where you’re headed, how do you know where to focus today?

Instead of an agonizing months-long ordeal, we built our collaborative process to deliver a strategic plan fast.

We roll up our sleeves and work with your team to facilitate an interactive and productive session using evidence-based methods. Our process engages your team in:

  • A series of focused conversations
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Consensus-building activities
  • Action planning designed to drive the organization’s growth
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“Funding for Good’s delivery on Strategic Planning services met our every expectation from preparation to implementation to follow-up.

We sought a clearly focused process with broad buy-in and a professionally facilitated and carefully documented planning time resulting in a clear, simply written Strategic Plan to guide us for the next three years. Their professionals guided our board in achieving all of this. I heartily recommend them.”

Sam Avery, Board of Directors | Alder Springs Deaf & Blind Community

Understand where you are now and where you want to go—and then figure out how to get there.

Develop a comprehensive strategic plan faster than you think.

In our interactive planning process, we’ll establish programmatic goals and help the board and executive team reach consensus.

Then we take all that work and create a strong strategic plan to confidently carry you through the next few years.

Our Process

Pre-Strategic Planning

  • 1-hour meeting to walk through a checklist, align on expectations, and build a timeline
  • SWOT analysis with the board, staff, and other key voices

Strategic Planning Retreat

  • 2-day retreat with full board and lead staff
  • Address vision, barriers, direction, and actions to take
  • Build team consensus

End Product

  • 5 business days after the retreat you’ll get a professionally formatted strategic planning document
  • Review, edit, and approve with the support of our team

Ready to start planning?

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Just want to dive right in?

Put us to work during a customized VIP Day.

For a full day, our entire focus and attention are on you. We’ll be your extra pair of hands to get the work done, help you strategize, plan, and more.

At the end of the VIP day, you’ll have usable products in-hand, and 6 hours of solid work behind you.

The Catawba Science Center had the privilege of working with Funding for Good, Inc. to create a 3 year strategic plan for our organization. Marie and Mandy used their expertise to guide us with effective proven methods to engage staff and stakeholders with focused conversations and workshops. We conducted an environmental assessment, created a vision statement, discussed barriers to our success, and then developed strategic directions with an implementation plan with specific steps and assignments. The comprehensive process was exciting and inclusive, providing us with a plan that that we can continue to develop, while setting measurable goals to ensure the success of the Catawba Science Center. I would highly recommend the Funding for Good team to help any business through the strategic planning process!

Tracy Hall | Catawba Science

Plan Your Future.


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