Nonprofit Capacity Building Webinar Series


In our Capacity Building Webinar Series, you’ll get:

    • 12 pro-level highly accessible trainings. Put all 12 together and you’ll have an unofficial degree in nonprofit capacity building.
    • Access to each recording for one year after the live date – and you can share the recordings with your team. (hint hint)
    • A small library of tools, complete with checklists and worksheets that you can use whenever you want.

Each course is 1 hour long. Click here to see a full listing of the 12 Capacity Building courses and course details.


Build a Successful, Sustainable Organization

Nonprofit growth doesn’t come easy…or at least that’s what we’re told.

What if you could grow strategically and increase your impact without

  • overextending your team,
  • stretching your funding,
  • and exhausting your volunteers?

Growth without overwhelm is possible.

At Funding For Good, we’ve worked with nonprofits to help them increase capacity alongside growth for decades.

Learn how to turn growing pains into growing gains.

Our 2023 monthly webinar series will show you how to engage your team in tasks that increase resources and impact.

Join our experts as we take you, step-by-step, into capacity-building tactics and strategies.

2023 is your year to grow with intent.

Our 2023 Capacity-Building Series is For You If:

  1. Your organization has hit an impact ceiling and you’re not sure how to break through.
  2. Your nonprofit is new and leadership needs high-quality training.
  3. You’re a board member and want to know how to better support the organization.

What to Expect from Our 2023 Webinar Series:

  • Zero pitching. This is an education series. Come, join us, learn, and go implement.
  • Quick wins and long-term strategies are taught in each and every webinar.
  • Get your questions answered. Webinars are recorded live with Q&A time. If we run out of time, we’ll email you directly with an answer.
  • Pro-level highly accessible training. Put all 12 webinars together and you’ll end the year with an unofficial degree in nonprofit capacity-building.
  • Access to each recording for one year after the live date – and you can grant access to the recordings with your team. (hint hint)

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