Outsourcing for Growth


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60 Minutes



Outsourcing helps increase productivity directly and indirectly by allowing staff to focus on what they do best. Outsourcing is often overlooked as a strategy when exploring capacity-building options.

Join Funding For Good as we dive into the world of outsourcing, how to assess current needs and how to incorporate outsourcing into your business model to increase efficiency, control costs, and maximize impact.


  • Steps in determining the ROI (Return On Investment) of current staff and systems.
  • Maximizing the unique brilliance and time of current human resources.
  • How to assess potential outsourcing prospects.
  • Next steps in outsourcing processes (checklist included).

Bonus Materials

  • A PDF of the presentation slides
  • Any additional handouts
  • Access to the replay for one year

Bonus Materials

  • NA PDF of the presentation slides
  • NAny additional handouts
  • NAccess to the replay for one year

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