Grant Research  Questionnaire

Please complete the research questionnaire below.

Be sure to allow yourself ample time to complete this questionnaire in its entirety. We suggest that you print this page to complete the work offline, and then return to this page to submit your answers.

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We will be in touch within 3 business day of your submission below to set up a time for a phone call. On this call, we’ll review your needs and ask any relevant questions to better guide our research on your behalf.  We will let you know the approximate date your research will be completed during our initial call as well.

We look forward to working with you to find potential foundation prospects for your current needs.


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Questionnaire for Grant Research

Questionnaire for Grant Research

Please fill out these questions to better prepare us to help you locate funds that suit your specific needs.

10) Is the organization you represent a nonprofit? *
If your answer to this question is "No", please email Mandy at [email protected] to set up a call.
11) Is your organization a United Way Affiliate/United Fund Organization? *
List all that apply, e.g., programming funds, general operating funds, capital campaign.
If you are seeking specific project/program funding, please tell me a little about the need so I can find funding to fit. Include the dollar amounts associated with each need and when you need the dollars in-hand. i.e. "We need $2,500 to pay for our annual audit so we can qualify for more funds and we need that in-hand by [insert date]" or "We need $50,000 to repair our roof" or "We need $3,750 to purchase 20 new steel kennels with locks", etc.
Please list funding streams and the percentage of your operating/program budget they represent. Example: grants 40% of our operating budget, individuals 25%, churches 5%, special events 15%, corporations 10%, investments 5%. Keep in mind the total percentage should equal 100%.
This ensures I do not duplicate my findings. If need be, you can email a separate list categorized alphabetically to [email protected].
Does your organization serve a specific area (county, city, region, etc.) or population (youth, elderly, homeless, etc)? If yes, please list those details along with the county where your organization is physically located and all of those it serves.
Please list the closest two to three nonprofit organizations that provide similar programs/services to your organization. Include their official names and city/state if you know it.