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Are you ready to grow a consulting business that works for YOU?

Many nonprofit consultants have big hearts and empty wallets. Why?
  • NThey’ve bought into the myth that the organization’s we want to serve can’t afford to pay us what we are worth.
  • NThey’ve never determined the true value of our time and expertise.
  • NThey consistently hemorrhage time and income by letting our client’s “emergencies” become our own.
  • NThey’re experts in our field but not as for-profit business owners
We get it because we’ve been there too!
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“As an entrepreneur working with nonprofit and small business clients, I founded my company, Funding for Good, in 2009 during the Great Recession. It definitely wasn’t easy. But that experience helped me establish a mindset of experimentation and diversification of funding streams that still guides the company today. I’ve built a nimble team of consultants, enabling us to test out new services and products, quickly identify what works and what doesn’t, and prioritize the activities that are both financially and personally rewarding.

I learned many lessons about launching, running, and growing a business the hard way. To make it easier for the next class of entrepreneurs, Funding for Good now runs a “consulting bootcamp.” We work with small business owners at every stage of growth, coaching them on how to build profitable and sustainable businesses that can weather economic ups and downs.”

– Mandy Pearce, Owner, Funding For Good

What if we told you, it’s possible to help clients reach their goals without forfeiting your own? Our consultant-focused services are designed to help entrepreneurs build businesses with both purpose and profits.

Let us take the guesswork out of growing your consulting business.

As consultants, we’ve made most of the mistakes you might. Now, we’ve wrapped more than 40+ years of nonprofit experience into our custom consulting services so you can skip some of the most common detours and reach your goals faster.

FFG works one-on-one with consultants in all stages of business development to:


  1. Help define brand
  2. Outline goals and create strategies to drive growth
  3. Identify and engage ideal clients
  4. Clarify service offerings
  5. Determine the value of services (so pricing becomes easier!)
  6. Streamlines systems to save time and money
  7. Transition from hourly to project-based fees
  8. Develop passive income streams
  9. Craft custom templates and messaging
  10. Conduct website audits and offer recommendations
  11. Explore ways to grow an email list
  12. Learn how to outsource for growth
  13. Consider strategic partnership opportunities
We realize “one size does not fit all” when seeking a professional coach!

Funding For Good might be a great fit if you:

  • NAppreciate direct communication and honest feedback
  • NEnjoy fast-paced and productive work sessions
  • NHave the time and resources to roll up your sleeves and get to work
  • NAre motivated by specific tasks and timelines
“I started my consulting business seven years ago and had reached a plateau. I knew I needed to invest in an outside expert to help me assess where I am and where I want to go. What I can say is, that my investment in Mandy and her team is frankly one of the best investments I have ever made.

The work we accomplished during the 60-Day Boot Camp was transformative for me and my future.

Mandy is smart, funny, direct, and supportive with a wealth of personal history building businesses, humbly sharing her mistakes and successes along the way.

No matter what stage you might be in with your consulting business—whether it’s just a concept, or you’ve just started out, or like me, years into it—I guarantee Mandy and her team will assess your situation and deliver a Boot Camp uniquely and specifically designed for you to help you take your business to the next level.”

Derek Floyd

Owner, Writing for Good

“FFG Boot Camp – Best Business Decision 2022!… Making an investment in my consulting business by enrolling in FFG Boot Camp was a great decision for the growth of my business. Mandy and Marie (FFG) helped me restructure my business from communication and infrastructure to messaging and deliverables. Mandy helped with alignment of my fees and contracts to help ensure my business was growing in both efficiency and profitability. Looking forward to Boot Camp 2023!”

Cindy Teddy

Owner, C. Teddy Consulting, LLC

“I don’t know where to begin about my Fall 2022 Boot Camp experience with Mandy.

I’ve been in business for a little over seven years but hadn’t really done anything intentional or strategic to grow it. The boot camp seemed a perfect fit, because I love Mandy’s no-nonsense style. I didn’t need someone affirming my every wrong/ineffective decision. I needed someone with a solid track record of success who could be both supportive and honest.

Of the many things that wowed me, I would say the boot camp’s team approach is what impressed me most. The seamless integration of strategy and messaging sessions with Mandy and Marie helped ensure forward movement. When I needed to have my first-ever website designed, I didn’t have to go aimlessly searching. Mandy suggested someone and the quality was just as good as with Mandy and Marie.

Life interfered with my last few weeks, and I didn’t achieve all I set out to do at that time. This said, the foundation Mandy helped me build is as strong as ever. Despite having to take some time off, I was able to retrieve my notes and start moving forward in 2023.”

K. Collier

Owner, COMO Solutions LLC

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