Growing with Intent

Webinar Series:
Nonprofit Capacity Building

12, in-depth webinars for nonprofit teams
Instantly applicable takeaways and strategies
Proven strategies and tools for capacity-building

Build a Successful, Sustainable Organization

Nonprofit growth doesn’t come easy…or at least that’s what we’re told.

What if you could grow strategically and increase your impact without

overextending your team,
stretching your funding,
and exhausting your volunteers?

Growth without overwhelm is possible.

At Funding For Good, we’ve worked with nonprofits to help them increase capacity alongside growth for decades.

Learn how to turn growing pains into growing gains.

In this webinar series, we’ll show you how to engage your team in tasks that increase resources and impact.

Our experts will take you, step-by-step, into capacity-building tactics and strategies.


Hiring and Retention

Engaging Stakeholders

Partnership Planning

Outsourcing and More

Make it your year to grow with intent!

Our Capacity-Building Series is For You If:


Your organization has hit an impact ceiling and you’re not sure how to break through


Your nonprofit is new and leadership needs high-quality training


You’re a board member and want to know how to better support the organization

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Put all 12 webinars together and you’ll end up with an unofficial degree in nonprofit capacity-building.

I appreciate the comprehensiveness of the webinars. It keeps me grounded and focused on the work and gives me just enough so that I can continue on without being overwhelmed. I always appreciate the quality of the presentations. Bravo! You really care about us. And the content? Superb. Always thought-provoking and gives me a way to take the next step.

Mary Ann

Webinar Series: Capacity-Building

Increase your ability to fulfill your mission.

Pick and choose the training you need the most, or register for all 12 and save 20%.

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