Becoming an A-List Fundraiser


Step up your fundraising game by learning to analyze critical data, avoid pitfalls, and produce measurable results.

Webinar Replay with Handouts
This webinar was taught live on March 31, 2021
Duration: 1 hour

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Description: What would happen if no one in an organization focused their efforts on resource development? Would great nonprofits be forced to reduce or cancel programs, postpone critical events/campaigns, or even worse-close their doors? This webinar focuses on development planning basics, so individuals new to the world of fundraising and nonprofits are equipped to make successful transitions. A healthy development staff and plan help put safety nets in place to ensure organizations can survive major transitions and work towards long-term goals. Funding For Good's team will dissect the roles and responsibilities of development staff, identify and highlight best practices in fundraising, and share creative solutions to a successful development position from their own experiences. Take-Aways:

  • Understand the primary purpose and key components of development work.
  • Grasp key job skills, roles, and responsibilities of development staff.
  • Create a basic development plan template that can be personalized for any organization.
  • Learn time-management strategies and planning best practices to ensure success in the fundraising field.


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