Budgeting to Fully Fund Your Overhead


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60 Minutes


Are you faced with tough decisions or being forced to “cut back” because your organization isn’t able to fully fund your operating budget?

Unfortunately, it’s easier to fund your programs and special projects than it is to raise the dollars you need to keep the lights on.

This course will identify the building blocks of a strong budget and explain how nonprofits can easily raise the dollars needed to cover overhead costs. We will discuss how proper budgeting will propel grant proposals to success and how to use messaging to raise these much-needed funds.

Course Takeaways:

  1. How to write a realistic budget for your organization, programs, and projects
  2. The difference between and fully fundable budget and what most organizations create
  3. The 3 items most budgets are missing
  4. Steps to diversifying your funding streams
  5. How to express needs to prospective donors in ways that will ignite their passion to support your work
  6. The top 3 metrics you should analyze regularly from your budget
  7. How to begin to change the culture around budgets in a way that allows you to find funding more easily

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Bonus Materials

  • NA PDF of the presentation slides
  • NAny additional handouts
  • NAccess to the replay for one year

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