Executive Summaries & Letter of Inquiries

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April 29, 2020

Date Recorded


60 Minutes


How do you keep an appeal “short and sweet,” while still making sure they are complete?

This course focuses on the skills needed to break down a large proposal and effectively communicate key information in the form of an Executive Summary or Letter of Inquiry (LOI).
Join us and learn what donors are looking for in these “compact proposal” narratives and what should be reserved for the full proposal or in-person dialogue.

Course Takeaways:

  1. The difference between an Executive Summary and an LOI
  2. Key components of an Executive Summary
  3. Key components of a Letter of Inquiry
  4. Quick tips to make sure every sentence packs a punch and gets the donor’s attention.
  5. Helpful hints on what NOT to include in an Executive Summary and LOI

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Bonus Materials

  • NA PDF of the presentation slides
  • NAny additional handouts
  • NAccess to the replay for one year


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