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Save tedious research time so you can get back to fulfilling your mission. Get well-suited grant prospects delivered straight to your inbox, complete with a calendar of due dates. Never worry about missing a deadline again.

In a perfect world, we would have a little time every day to work on donor relations, writing grants, and researching new funding opportunities. But the truth is, we are almost always dealing with the unplanned and unpredictable events that come up in the nonprofit world. We rarely get our to-do list completely checked off. Grant research is the most time-consuming part of the whole grant writing process. Too often it’s pushed aside, making your funds tight and your stress levels high. Our Grant Research Package will save you an immense amount of time finding grants that are a good fit for you...and will give you the satisfaction of crossing another thing off your long list of to-dos.

What’s included in the Grant Research Package?

  • 8-12 well-matched prospects for your current needs
  • A PDF of each prospect with our detailed notes
  • A 1-hour phone call to review the results
  • Custom questions to ask each particular prospect when you talk to them
  • A Grant Timeline Calendar based on the results we found - due dates, contact information, and application links all in one master document.
  • Delivered within 2-3 weeks of Research Questionnaire submission

How do we determine if a grant prospect is a good fit for you?

Our Grant Research questionnaire gives us all the answers we need (no phone call required!). Equipped with the detailed information you’ll hand over, we look for:

  • Giving amounts
  • Who they funded in the past
  • If they are a new prospect for your organization
  • Service area
  • Geographic focus
  • And more

Is this package a good fit for you?

This is a great fit for larger organizations who are feeling stuck in their research process, smaller organizations who are already wearing too many hats, or development departments who don’t have the time to prioritize the time-consuming research process. *To get started, you must fill out the Research Questionnaire, and then we'll take the next steps from there. Keep in mind, this service will expire 12 months from date of purchase. Please return your Research Questionnaire promptly! Note: If you need research for a capital campaign, please schedule a call with Funding For Good prior to submitting your research questionnaire here.

38 reviews for Grant Research Package

  1. Karen Lukas – Director

    FFG’s grant research package proved to be a time efficient, cost effective way to outsource Folk Arts Rajasthan’s need for new funding prospects. The team is very efficient in their turn around, mindful of the use of a small non-profit’s time, and a pleasure to communicate with.

  2. Kelly Shanafelt, WNC Superheroes

    This grant research package was a wonderful value for us. The prospects returned to us were all good, and Funding for Good provided a great deal of background and information to make the application processes easier for us. The turnaround was incredibly fast for such detailed information.

  3. Special Strides

    Wow!! how thorough.. How quick.. how professsional.. I cant wait to get started! So glad we connected with Funding for Good!!

  4. N Kirkpatrick

    I am extremely pleased with the results of the grant research package. The Funding for Good team did a great job of finding 10 foundations that may potentially fund the particular needs of our organization. AND it’s not just a list of foundations–the team provided and highlighted specific information that will make applying for funding much easier. I am an experienced grant writer and know how to do the research, BUT as an executive director, I would never have been able to carve out the time to conduct this research myself. The debrief session was very helpful, too. I think the money was very well spent.

  5. Mike R

    The team at couldn’t be happier with the seamless process, reasonable price, and the excellent results received from FFGs Grant Research on our behalf. The Package contained more grant opportunities than we expected and arrived quicker than anticipated. My research review call was pleasant and informative. Thank you to the entire FFG team!

  6. Chauncey Parker – Rocky Boy Veterans Center

    Results from the Funding For Good’s Grant Research Package is a definite boost to my organization. With all that is going on, finding time to research possible funders is tough, this service can help give those extra hours back. Highly recommend.

  7. Rebecca Merritt – Nicolás Fund for Education

    Funding for Good provided multiple examples of grant opportunities that were relevant to both our needs and our mission. The information was detailed and very practical. I am very excited to act on the information provided!

  8. Patti T

    If your organization is looking for new grant opportunities, I highly recommend Funding for Good’s Grant Research Package. We loved how quickly they were able to get the information to us in a very complete and organized way. Then the follow up phone call helped to explain each grant opportunity. There was so much good information they were able to give to us. I believe all of their research saved us hours of work and will help to make our grant writing go much more quickly and smoothly with a plan for the year.

  9. SB

    The grant research package was an excellent value for our organization. Service was prompt, courteous, and high quality. The prospects that Funding for Good found for our organization were an excellent fit.

  10. Devin Lyall

    We are very appreciative of this service. As a growing nonprofit with limited staff, it was very beneficial to have this additional information to help us guide our funding opportunities. We were provided with detailed information that would have taken our organization months to gather and helped us create a effective timeline to work on fundraising and grant seeking goals. The turnaround time for this service was very speedy, and we were very happy with the results. This is highly impact our organizations and missions. Thank you for all your hard work!

  11. Theresa Harrison

    We are very pleased with Funding for Good’s Grant Research Package. The package was developed and presented promptly with several potential grant prospects. The team provided specific notes and contact information that will be extremely helpful as we begin making our requests. Thank you Funding for Good’s Research Team!

  12. J. Rambo

    I highly recommend Funding for Good’s grant research package. They identified nine foundation sources of which I was not aware. The turnaround time and communication were amazing.

  13. Daniel Pionk, Executive Director, Navy Supply Corps Foundation

    The Navy Supply Corps Foundation was extremely impressed with many of the Webinars and training provided by Funding For Good and this led to the Foundation engaging Funding For Good with its Grant Research service. The Foundation had not any prior experience with Grant Research and the Grant Research project allowed the Foundation to “outsource” the grant research and learn from the process. We were extremely impressed with the service and the results. Funding For Good did an excellent job of walking through each grant opportunity as a result of the grant research and the rationale of how the grant organization aligned with the Foundation’s mission and programs. The timing and turnaround time for the grant research was very quick. As a result, the Foundation has engaged Funding For Good with its Program Design and Template Creation services. We believe this will provide the structure that we need to launch a Grant program and we would not have been able to do this without the excellent service by Funding For Good.

  14. J. Knight

    Funding For Good’s Grant Research Package was an awesome opportunity to get contacts and information about local grants that match our needs. I received all information that I needed in a matter of days that was followed up with a conference call to review all information and to have all my questions answered!

  15. Beverly Mihelich – Western North Carolina Society of Artisans, Inc.

    The services Funding For Good provides have been invaluable to our organization. They were efficient, precise, friendly and extremely helpful during the entire process.

  16. L. Roddick-Brown – Asheville Farmstead School

    I worked with Funding for Good and they were highly knowledgeable not only about the specific grants that had been selected for my school but also the many ways we could approach foundations and organizations about their grants/giving. In a short time frame they were able to provide many and diverse opportunities for my school and were able to articulate them clearly and answer all the questions I had.

  17. Tracy Hall – Executive Director of the Catawba Science Center

    Funding for Good (FFG) is an amazing organization providing professional grant research information. We filled out a short survey highlighting projects, exhibits, and programs with funding needs. FFG staff provided a quick turnaround and met with us virtually to review their grant research. WOW! We were highly impressed with the quality and organization of the Grant Research Package. It came complete with specific grants that aligned with our needs. The package was easy to read with due dates, contacts (phone and email), websites, and comments with directions and suggestions. The information had hyperlinks embedded to access the grants and any information that we might need. In addition, PDFs for each grant were included. The Grant Research Package and their presentation was extremely thorough. Not only was the information valuable, but we learned many strategies that will give us greater success when going through the grant writing process. FFG even provided recommendations specific to individual grantors that could only be gained through personal experience. I highly recommend working with the Funding For Good team. I believe that we made a small investment that will more than payoff with the grant opportunities and expertise that FFG provided. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

  18. Sophia Kassa

    Our nonprofit found great value in investing in the FFG grant research package. Working with FFG saved us an incredible amount of time. Completing the research questionnaire was an excellent tool to communicate our funding needs. The staff’s level of understanding of our needs was also impressive. The level of attention given to the research package was apparent through the detailed notes on the PDFs, the grant timeline, as well as the advice on how to approach each funder. Although promised 8-12 prospects, we were pleased to receive 14.

  19. Tonya Fowler

    This was a great investment for our organization! We received more than the expected number of grants, faster than expected, and the time spent with me to review the research was thorough and very helpful. I have a detailed plan to work with and feel prepared for the application process. Worth every penny!

  20. Agape House of Prescott

    Agape House of Prescott highly recommends, 5 star, the Grant Research Package of FUNDING FOR GOOD! This has saved our nonprofit organization TREMENDOUS TIME & MONEY, while still at the same time increasing available grant monies available in our local area. Prior to Funding For Good Grant Research Package, I had spent 12-20 hours a month researching grant information. They performed quadruple the amount of work creating quadruple the grant opportunities for half the wage of payroll already allocated. LOVE & APPRECIATION! Phenomenal & Knock my Socks off!

  21. J. Llewellyn

    The research presentation was excellent! Very professional and well organized!

  22. Tad

    I appreciated the depth of information provided, and especially appreciated seeing some local grant providers that I didn’t even know about despite being located right in my backyard. The team at FFG were quick on the turnaround, friendly, and knowledgeable.

  23. Anastasia “Stas” Taylor, LCSW-S

    Funding For Good’s Grant Research Package was well worth the cost. The research was comprehensive, relevant, and beyond anything our new Development Team had been able to find as part of their own research. In addition, we were given valuable insights and resources to make our approach more effective when requesting funds. Grateful for the clear communication, turnaround time, and results from the FFG team so we can be confident in our journey forward!

  24. Duane – Treasurer

    We were pleasantly surprised in the follow-up to the initial potential grants available. The follow-up discussion gave us a lot of info and direction as to which foundations we should pursue.

  25. Krista Alderson, Director of Development & Operations

    FFG’s research package saved me innumerable hours of precious time and delivered many promising prospects. The research was provided in a very timely manner. In addition to the research information, the context provided and recommendations on how to approach funders, as well as strategic organizational advice was extremely helpful.

  26. S. Mandeville

    FFG provided a great product for a great price – qualified leads that will be super helpful for a team stretched for time.

  27. Juli Hendren

    I highly recommend Funding for Good. The staff are really thoughtful and detailed and the communication and turnaround was great. They went the extra mile after our initial grant meeting, when they discovered another avenue and sent a follow up. The care they have for their work is very apparent.

  28. Carly Oosten – Director of Partnerships + Community Engagement

    We were blown away by the value offered by the Funding For Good Grant Research Package. The level of detail and reporting we received back in just a short couple of weeks would have taken our team months to complete on our own. We were so impressed with the grant prospects and coaching we received, which were relevant to our organization and tailored to our needs. The Funding For Good team was highly knowledgeable and not only provided us with quality research results, but also strategies for reaching out to and engaging with prospects. Before working with Funding For Good, the idea of grant research seemed daunting with our limited financial and human resources. Now, we can’t wait to take our next steps and are excited about the financial future of our organization. Funding For Good made it simple and easy, and it was definitely worth the investment.

  29. M. Theis

    The amount of time you would spend researching this information on your own is worth the price alone. Between that and the amount of information you receive, I would definitely recommend this package to others!

  30. E. Heintz

    The grant research package was very helpful in providing us with initial direction and all of the information we need to start building relationships and getting funding for our programs. It is so nice to have a list of foundations aligned with our goals. Funding For Good was quick and the results were very comprehensive.

  31. Debbie Modzelewski – Court Sports for Life Foundation

    As newbie grant-writers, although not new volunteer fundraisers, our capital campaign committee was thrilled to have the Funding for Good team’s experience to draw on.

    Our conference call to go over the list was extremely useful, especially hearing the team’s thinking on why they included (or didn’t include) grant prospects as well as the recommendations on how and when to approach each grantmaker. The turnaround time was just as they promised.

    All in all, a great experience, great results, and money well spent!

  32. L Sawyers – The Shepherd’s House

    Our organization appreciated the efforts of FFG’s Grant Research Package. We are a small organization that seeks a variety of funding options. The time it takes to search through websites and determine if an agency funds program, general operating, or capital campaigns, plus trying to determine the appropriate person to make a connection with is EXHAUSTING – even before the writing process begins! The grant research package is beneficial as it takes a lot of the “I wonder if they will fund XYZ” out of the equation and allows agencies to give their energy to applying to funders that have a direct historical alignment with mission or strategy. We are happy to have FFG as a partner in our development work!

  33. Nathan Peck – CEO, Cure VCP Disease, Inc.

    We are new to researching and applying for grants and we decided to try this package as a way to get a running start in learning the grant research process versus starting from scratch. The process took about three weeks and the Funding For Good team did an excellent job communicating timelines and expectations. The initial survey was easy to complete and we had a call to clarify some of our responses. Funding For Good exceeded the number of grant recommendations in the package as they found some geographically relevant, small family foundation grants that they wanted to share, but not count against our total. We were appreciative of this gesture. We liked that Funding for Good marked each grant PDF with notes and specific details and things to note for each grant application process. This was very nice and will help us when we start applying and networking with each organization.

  34. D Norman, Chief Change Officer

    The team at Funding For Good intuitively understood our target markets for grants and provided appropriate and timely information on possible grants.

  35. Mara Burdick, VP

    Excellent turn around time & detail of information provided. Friendly, prompt, knowledgeable and organized. We are excited about further investigating the prospects.

  36. Cindy Sergot, Development Coordinator

    The FFG Grant Research Package is a terrific offering and worth the investment. I am new to the field of grant writing with no prior foundation experience. I’m supporting an established organization that has not had a full time designated grant program in place and has utilized many different writers. As you can imagine, I’ve been absorbing a lot of information in a very short few months. I have listened to many FFG webinars and find their teaching style content rich and easy to understand. This gave me the confidence that the research package would be valuable and it did not disappoint! Our organization received twice the amount of qualified grant opportunities than promised with very detailed and clear information. Once the FFG team received my homework assignment they quickly responded with any questions and scheduled our follow up call to review their results. The team went through each prospect thoroughly and made sure I understood how to utilize the information on each organization. As a new grant writer/researcher I really appreciate the detail and effort given to help me navigate each granter opportunity for potential funding. I also received a follow up call on a couple of questions I had emailed to Mandy Pearce. The personal follow up and attention to detail from the entire team is terrific.

  37. Wendy S.

    I am very pleased with the research package that I received. The information was delivered in a clear, professional way, with the documents being extremely helpful. Particularly helpful information is highlighted on each document, which I really appreciate. This package saved me hours and hours of time, and gives me a focused direction to go in. Grant research can be overwhelming, particularly to a small organization that doesn’t have a staff member dedicated solely to fund development. This feels like such a boost!! I can’t wait to get started with this research. Communication with the team and turnaround time were great.

  38. Mack Bailey, Founder and Executive Director, Music Therapy of the Rockies

    As a very small nonprofit with big dreams, the Grant Research Package from Funding For Good was a godsend. The FFG team listened to my needs and goals and the list of targeted grant opportunities was more than I could have asked for. The professional coaching during the review of materials was also invaluable with hints of approaches under certain situations that definitely provided a confidence that I have already experienced. The information is concise and up to date. It helped me even writing the different aspects of the grants. Thank you!!

    July 24 Update: I wanted to thank you again for my research package. While all of them aren’t going to be home runs, my first grant request was approved for $9,600. Definitely makes the Grant Research Package a good investment. – Mack

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