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Strategic Planning – The Beginning

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September 14, 2023

Date Recorded


90 Minutes


December 31, 2023

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Did you know that businesses can DOUBLE their chances for success simply by creating a current and relevant strategic plan to guide growth?

This workshop is perfect for business leaders seeking to begin a planning process that engages the entire team and produces a realistic action-focused plan.

More than 70% of nonprofits that have a written plan admit that the document is sitting on a shelf collecting dust and we want to make sure yours is not one of them!

Funding for Good’s experts will break down the 10 things every organization should know before drafting the final document. Paticipants will walk away with a greater understanding of different approaches to the process, professional tips on what works and what does not, and an arsenal of strategies to generate buy-in from your board, staff, and stakeholders.


  • Learn why a strategic plan is vital for sustainable growth
  • Gain tips for achieving “buy-in” from your board, staff, and stakeholders
  • Confirm how your vision and mission statement drive the process
  • Breakdown of the top 10 things every organization should know before crafting a strategic plan.
  • Understand primary functions and components of a multi-year strategic plan.
  • Determine who should participate in the strategic planning process and how to engage them.
  • Learn how to conduct a detailed environmental scan for your organization.
  • Identify metrics you need to guide a current and relevant strategic planning process.
  • Access a variety of free tools and templates to get your organization started in the strategic planning process.