Timesaving Tools for Efficient Leaders

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November 30, 2022

Date Recorded


60 Minutes


Do you constantly feel like you are bailing water from a sinking ship with a teaspoon? Are you excited about the future but know you need to maximize every minute of your workday to achieve goals?

Whether you are consistently overwhelmed or seeking ways to grow leadership skills, this session is for you. Join FFG as we identify the most common “time vampires” that derail the productivity of nonprofit leaders. Our experts will outline proactive strategies any leader can implement to reframe priorities and reclaim the workday. Walk away with time management tips and practical tools to put the content into action.


  • Identify the time vampires in your workday.
  • Learn how to assess and prioritize tasks on your calendar.
  • Explore tools to simplify tasks.
  • Improve communication with your team.

Bonus Materials

  • NA PDF of the presentation slides
  • NAny additional handouts
  • NAccess to the replay for one year


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